Softstar volunteer day at Sage Garden

Softstar gives thousands of dollars back to our communities each year through donations and cash contributions. Softstar also supports Waldorf and Montessori schools through our back-to-school discounts and promotions. We donate products to Le Leche League chapters, school fundraisers and other events around the country every year. Seconds or gently worn shoes are donated to charities in need of children's shoes.

We love working with the local community and give tours year-round of our workshop to visitor and school groups. We also support Cassidy's efforts in helping the people of Sudan through Kids for Kids. We donate our time making the playful pancake toys, as well as materials and shipping, donating 100% of proceeds to the charity in honor of Cassidy's mom. Over the years we have been able to purchase dozens of goats through this program. It's a wonderful cause and we feel honored to have been part of her project.

(Photo: Softstar employees volunteering at Sage Community Gardens)