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Help your little one shine through the cold, overcast months this year with the winter-worthy North Star! This longtime favorite features sheepskin innersoles and adjustable cuffs, making for a warm, flexible bootie to help your child whether the weather ;)

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Price $75.00
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Warm feet are happy feet! The North Star is an ideal cold-weather minimal shoe, easily transitioning from fall, to winter, to those early spring days when there’s sun one moment, and freezing drizzle the know the ones. The luxuriously soft suede-and-sheep cuffs can be laced down for a cozy winter shoe, or laced up for a taller, more boot-like shape. Best of all, these winter shoes slip on and off with ease, making indoor/outdoor transitions quick, easy, and convenient! Soft soles, lightweight, adorable and warm—all in one package!

While you can easily just pull the cuff down as a warm ankle shoe, using an alternate lacing pattern with shorter laces will give a snugger fit. If you plan for your kids to wear very thick socks with these shoes then we recommend ordering one size larger in a wide width. We are happy to include the shorter laces for one dollar more, which you can select through the checkbox above. Instructions for the new lacing pattern will be included, but you can also download them here:

Click here to download instructions on lacing North Stars cuff-down

This boot has genuine sheep fleece on the cuff and foot bed, making it an excellent choice as a winter shoe. If you are looking for an even warmer boot then you may want to check out our fully-lined Child Phoenix boots.

  • Capers green leather uppers
  • Soft rubber Vibram Geo soles—durable and flexible
  • Allows natural foot movement and development
  • Genuine sheepskin innersole and cuff for added warmth. Innersole can be replaced with our Child/Youth Sheepskin PLUS Innersole (sold separately) if it wears down
  • Can be worn with or without socks
  • Made from premium responsibly-sourced leather
  • Designed and handcrafted in Oregon, USA

Please be warned that although our boots are naturally moisture-resistant, they are not waterproof and can become soaked through after extended hours in snowy/wet conditions. Although our boots make excellent play shoes, they are not extended adventures in severely cold or wet climates.

Customer Reviews

Great warm boot Review by Jasmijn
In autumn 2017 I ordered North star boots size 12 for my 5 yearold. (Shiny platinum) She loves the color and wears them everyday since. They are warm and comfortable like a slipper. She gets a lot of compliments on them. In the beginning they were a bit to large for her and I changed the lacing pattern completely with a loop around her ankles to secure them more. I love that she is able to do anything in them (climbing trees, running, dancing) Because the top is just one layer of leather she is careful not to scrape her shoes on hard surfaces, because that is uncomfortable for her own toes. This means the top of the leather holds up beautifully. The warm insole has given her enough warmth troughout a child winter. I treat them with shoe polish containing beeswax and when it rains her feet stay dry. Super flexible sole. On the wide side for her skinny feet and ankles. (Posted on 3/4/18)
Wonderful soft and easy to put on. Review by Ali
We love these boots. I knew they weren't as warm as the phoenix and decided to get these and layer with wool socks for the winter. The wool is wonderfully plush and soft. The sides sort of crush the bottom shoe down a bit, which would be remedied by folding them over. We tied the ties a different way so the sides are overlapping and are more closed. Our little one is just out of a size 6 and would be wearing a 7, we sized up to an 8 like recommended and they are definitely too big. However, they work fine with thick wool socks and will fit even longer once winter is through and she won't need thick socks anymore! If I wanted simpler winter shoe that she could wear right now without socks, I would have gotten the Phoenix in a 7. (Posted on 12/8/17)
Nice boots Review by Eefje
We love them. But, we had more shiny pairs, but this shiny platinum gets damaged very quickly. After 2 times wearing the upper layer was off at some little spots.
(Posted on 11/22/17)
Very comfortable Review by CS
These are our first pair from Soft Star. My 4 year old loves them. She finds them really comfortable, and wants to only wear these shoes.

We folded them down, as it's easier and more practical to wear it like that. (Posted on 10/17/17)
Best boots Review by Natercia
We love these boots. They fit great and they're super warm. They are also not so bulky that they impede young walkers from toddling about. We get compliments on them everywhere we go! (Posted on 1/2/17)
Not warm enough Review by K
As much as we wanted to like them, they appear to be warm and fussy but they are not, only the top part has a little sheepskin and foot part is just a thin leather which would cause the feet to get instantly cold and wet.

Note from the Elves: The Northstar is a cozy winter shoe with sheepskin on the ankle cuff and innersole only - while the upper is a soft leather. The Northstar works great in the fall/winter in more moderate climates (like Oregon). The Phoenix boot is fully lined in sheepskin and is quite warm/hot. Both the Northstar and Phoenix are water resistant - thanks! (Posted on 11/29/16)
Great! Review by It
My kid (1,5) loves these so much she refuses to take them off! Super soft and cute. Not great for rain though, but I used the beewax waterproofing that works good. (Posted on 12/23/14)
Pleased Review by JLT
My daughter has had these a few months. They seem comfy for her. She is 4 and the boots are pretty short, just covering the ankle. I like that they are easy on and off. (Posted on 12/17/13)

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Find Your Child's Size!

You can measure your children's feet at home using a book, a ruler and a wall. You can then see where the measurement fits on our charts below to find the recommended Softstar shoe size.

Note: we no longer recommend tracing feet because it usually gives a larger measurement than the method described below. Our sizing charts work in accordance with the following method.

To measure your child's feet:

  1. 1. Remove shoes and socks and place your child's bare foot so that the heel is barely touching a wall.
  2. 2. Place a book on the floor, parallel to the wall, so that it is barely touching the front of the longest toe.
  3. 3. Move your child's foot away carefully and measure the distance from the book to the wall.
  4. 4. Look for your measurement on the sizing charts below to find the recommended shoe size.


  • Wiggle/growing room is already taken into account.
  • If your child is on the border between two sizes then we recommend the larger size.


SANDAL SIZING: Our child sandals tend to run big since they are open-toed and open-heeled.We recommend ordering one size smaller than the recommended size for sandals.

BOOT SIZING: Boots tend to run small due to sheepskin lining and (often) thicker socks. It is usually safe to go up at least one size when buying Soft Star boots for your child.  The North Star is a more "fitted" style, so order a wide if you plan to wear with thick socks or if you want a roomy fit.

MOCCASIN NOTES: The good thing about soft, moccasin-style shoes (like the Roo or Viley) is that extra length is generally not a problem, so you can often buy with growing room. Your child's foot will slide right to the front of our moccasins and the excess length will be in the back behind their ankle—no worries about tripping over extra length at the toe. Think of it like a glove for their feet. The moc style shoe is very forgiving if too big, which is a good thing if you are on a budget.

If your child has thick or chubby feet, be sure to indicate you need a wide width. If your child has EXTRA wide feet, please read this.

Printable Stand-On Size Guides

We recommend using the measuring method shown above for the most accurate sizing, but if you'd like a simpler method (especially when measuring squirmy children) then you may want to try our printable size guides. Just print the guide below and follow the instructions on the page.

Note: before you print these guides, make sure your printer settings will not shrink or scale the page. Uncheck any boxes labeled "Fit to Printable Area" and/or set scaling options to "None."


Which style is best for your child?

Use our handy chart below to compare our child shoe styles and find the best fit for your needs. Remember that all Softstar shoes are made from soft, eco-friendly leather and lightweight, flexible soles for healthy foot development. For children in particular, this is important as the bones in their feet are still forming and not fully ossified until ages 9-11.  We believe shoes should provide protection from the elements while doing their best to mimic barefoot conditions.

If you cannot see the entire table, swipe left/right or use scrollbar at bottom. You can also download or print this chart for easier viewing:

   Download / Print Comparison Chart


Roo Moccasin



Merry Jane


North Star








Description Soft and flexible all around. A cozy slip-on moccasin that allows feet to move and spread naturally. Similar to our Roo moccasin, but with a rubber sole for better durability on the playground. The first shoe made by Softstar in 1985, and still a family favorite! Upper is made from a single piece of leather stretched around the shoe for a classy fitted design. A traditional mary jane style shoe with adjustable buckle strap and stylish scallop trim. Based on our Classic design, but with an open toe and heel to keep feet cool on hot days.. Based on our Classic design, but with laces along the side and a genuine sheepskin cuff.
Best Use


Perfect for first walkers with flexibility for early foot development. Cozy to wear around the house and preferred by schools that require soft-soled classroom shoes. Also good for light outdoor play.

A more durable version of our Roo moccasin. Still a good first walker shoe and great for rough outdoor play. Also acceptable for schools that require soft classroom shoes. 

Great for outdoor play, but can also work for formal occasions with the right colors. A popular winter shoe, as the “closed” design helps keep out water, snow and debris. Adding sheepskin innersoles provides extra warmth on cold days.

Great for outdoor play or for dressier formal occasions.

Keeps kids cool on hot days! Open toe and heel not only provide ventilation, but also give a little more growing room before you need to size up.

Great for keeping feet warm on chilly days! Cuff can be worn down as a winter shoe, or pulled up around the lower calves like a boot.

Leather Uppers

Choose from Suede leather or Smooth Sublime* leather (a slightly softer, more flexible version of our Nova leather). Suede feels cozier, Sublime is easier to clean.

Smooth Nova leather.

Smooth Nova leather.

Smooth Nova leather.

Smooth Nova leather.

Smooth Nova leather.


Elastic (slip-on).

Elastic (slip-on).


Strap with buckle.




Sheepskin only. Our genuine sheepskin fleece naturally wicks moisture and helps keep feet dry.

Suede, with option to have sheepskin stitched-in if you customize your shoe.

You can also purchase separate sheepskin innersoles with instructions to glue onto footbed yourself.

Suede, with option to have sheepskin stitched-in if you customize your shoe.

You can also purchase separate sheepskin innersoles with instructions to glue onto footbed yourself.



Sheepskin only. Our genuine sheepskin fleece naturally wicks moisture and helps keep feet dry.


See our soling page for more details on different sole types (link below).
Suede leather sole; will become smooth and shiny with wear.

Up to child size 7: 4mm rubber Sof-Touch soles.

Child sizes 8+: 6mm rubber Pyramid soles.

Extra durable 9mm Rugged Trail soles* also available for sizes 8+ (recommended for toddlers who wear through shoes quickly).

Up to child size 7: 4mm rubber Sof-Touch soles.

Child sizes 8+: 6mm rubber Pyramid soles.

Up to child size 7: 4mm rubber Sof-Touch soles.

Child sizes 8+: 6mm rubber Pyramid soles.


Up to child size 7: 4mm rubber Sof-Touch soles.

Child sizes 8+: 6mm rubber Pyramid soles.


6mm rubber Geo soles.

"My child has thick and/or wide feet. Will these work?" YES! Wide width options are available, and this flexible shoe stretches well to adapt to big feet. Elastic can also be adjusted after shoe is made if more ankle room is needed.
YES! Wide width options are available, and this shoe will stretch a little to adapt to big feet. Elastic can also be adjusted after shoe is made if more ankle room is needed.

Fitted design is not as accommodating to extra wide feet as our other styles, but wide width options are available.

YES! Wide width options are available. This shoe's open front and adjustable strap allow this shoe to easily accommodate large or tall insteps.

Works well for most wide feet... better than the Classic, but not as roomy as a wide Roo or Rambler.

Fitted design is not as accommodating to extra wide feet as our other styles. Wide widths are available, but not with the fully lined* option (it is already made wide to account for the extra layer of sheepskin).

* This feature is only available on select collection colors, or when you design your own.

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