Because cute shoes don't have to be uncomfortable!


Our new child Merry Jane!

Our shoe designers have been hard at work on a new design for a mary jane shoe in child sizes. After much R&D with the toughest playground test subjects we could find, our child Merry Jane is now ready for any occasion. Whether your little one is heading to the classroom, the sandbox or a formal event, this versatile design has you covered.

Unlike most conventional mary jane shoes, which can be very rigid and constricting, our version is lightweight, flexible, and liberating. Our thin, non-toxic leather naturally stretches to take the shape of your child's foot, and a wide toe box with our signature flexible soles lets feet move and develop naturally. We call them "Merry" Janes because they make feet so happy!

Featuring a buckle strap and an adorable scalloped trim. You can choose from our current collection colors or customize your own. Kids love designing their own shoes!