Custom Cheerleader Shoes in Your School Colors

Cheerleading Shoes

Why are cheerleaders such big fans of our shoes? Three reasons:

  1. Thin and Flexible: Gymnasts don't wear shoes because a constricting design can cause injury during acrobatic feats. Cheerleaders, unfortunately, are often required to wear shoes are part of their uniform. Our lightweight shoes allow flexible, natural movement to keep your feet as close to barefoot as possible.
  2. Custom Colors: With our customize option, you can customize your shoes to match your uniform and your school colors.
  3. Fast Turnaround: We make all of our shoes right here in our Oregon workshop, and most are made and shipped within a couple working days.

All of our shoes are fully returnable/exchangeable according to the terms of our return policy... even if you customize with your own colors!

Best Shoes for Cheerleading?

Which shoe works best for cheerleading? There are two styles we recommend. Both of these designs allow a snug, flexible fit with good traction:

Dash RunAmoc Cheerleading ShoesASU Ballerine Flats

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