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Black Front, Dark Purple Back, Vegetable Tanned Olive Sides

DYO Adult Portlander

Prices start at $112.00

Adult Portlander in smooth and suede chocolate leather.

Adult Portlander - Chocolate

Prices start at $97.00
Blue Knitted Wool Baby Slipper Booties from Padraig Cottage

Padraig Baby Slippers - Blue Mix

Prices start at $37.00
Colorful Wool Baby Bootie Slippers - Padraig Cottage

Padraig Baby Slippers - Rainbow

Prices start at $37.00
Blue Women's Slippers from Padraig Cottage.

Padraig Women's Slipper - Blue

Prices start at $78.00
Forest Green Men's Slippers, Padraig Cottage Wool

Padraig Men's Slipper - Forest

Prices start at $86.00
Gren Slippers for Men, Padraig Crocheted Wool

Padraig Men's Slipper - Grey

Prices start at $86.00
Blue Men's Slippers, Knitted Wool

Padraig Men's Slipper - Denim

Prices start at $86.00
Adult Moc3 RunAmoc - Black

Adult Moc3 RunAmoc - Black

Prices start at $94.00

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