Adult Roo Moccasin - Smooth Elk Leather

Take a walk on the wild side! This very special moccasin is made from wild-harvested North American elk leather, giving it durability, exceptional softness, and a rich, rustic texture. Plus, natural variations in each hide’s color and markings ensure that every pair is a unique!

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Price $95.00
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With all sincerity, these are probably the softest shoes ever made!  We’ve combined the amazingly comfortable design of our original Roo moccasin with the lush, buttery softness of wild-harvested elk leather and, well, you need to experience the results!

Stepping into these Elk mocs instantly transports you to places wooded, wild, and wonderful. Beautiful, naturally-occurring markings on the leather speak of brushes with tree branches, afternoons grazing in sunny clearings, and other mysterious antlered adventures, giving each shoe a character all its own. Beyond its look and feel, this leather is literally breathtaking, with a scent is so warm and earthy, you might just forget to exhale! So when you can’t make it out to the woods, bring the forest to you!

The traditional suede soles are flexible and soft, well-suited to both indoor and dry outdoor use. Suede is naturally durable and initially non-skid, wearing into a smoother, moisture-resistant surface over time. Don’t worry, you can always restore the soles’ non-skid properties by gently rubbing the sole with a wire brush!

Inside the shoe, luxurious sheepskin innersoles embrace your feet and keep them protected, dry, and oh-so-comfortable. Genuine sheepskin is nature's heat regulator—it keeps feet dry in the summer and cozy in the winter! Inner elastic securely the ankle for a secure fit that’s easy on, easy off…that is, if you ever decide to take them off!

  • Genuine sheepskin innersoles keep feet dry in summer & warm in winter while providing comfort and cushioning
  • Indoor / dry outdoor shoe
  • Elastic ankle closure—easy on and off
  • Can be worn with or without socks
  • Handcrafted in USA from premium, responsibly-sourced leathers

Need a smaller size? We also make this Elk Roo in Youth and Child sizes!

Customer Reviews

Love These Mocs! Review by Anna
Finally, a moccasin I can walk in with toes splayed. They are soft and comfortable. They fit great! Thanks Elves! (Posted on 3/6/18)
Love these mocs! Review by John
The fit is great and the feel is even better. They look good and seem to be well made. (Posted on 1/18/18)
The best thing that ever happened to my feet! Review by Missy
2017 was quite the learning year for me. After years of struggling with joint issues and trying my everything orthotic, synthetic, and memory foam-tastic, I was about ready to give up on the idea of remaining an active runner and hiker. This was an extremely depressing thought for me, seeing as I'm only 36. While sharing my story with some other women in my homeschool co-op, I was introduced to the concept of going barefoot. My inner nerd thoroughly enjoyed researching this, and I quickly came to the conclusion that my fellow hippie moms were on to something. Before I had the chance to order some Vibram-soled sandals, I stumbled across the concept of grounding. This made even more sense to me. At that point I set out to find shoes that would fulfill both needs: barefoot feel AND natural grounding. Enter Softstar Roos.

I ordered, I received, I delighted. And then I wore them in public. I was greeted with several queries along the lines of "Are those shoes or slippers?", and "Are those like toddler shoes for grown-ups?" While I've never been one to intentionally seek the spotlight, I'm also not afraid to stand out in a crowd. So the curious stares and awkward questions weren't entirely off-putting. Instead, they mostly led to conversations about my joint troubles and the science behind barefoot living and grounding. Surprisingly, some of my least crunchy family and friends are now completely convinced of this madness! Score one for hippies.

As for my joint troubles, they are ancient history. I rarely (if ever) experience and pain at all, and have noticed improvement in many other areas of my health as well. I am a life-long convert, and am in the process of ordering another pair of Roos. I'm also super psyched about the Bull hide sole option on the custom Run Amocks. I will DEFINITELY be adding a pair of those to my closet soon!! (Posted on 1/13/18)
Love my new Roos!! Review by Frankie
I don't want to take them off! The elk leather is beautiful and the softest ever. I wasn't sure if they would be as soft as my old two tone suede roos but they're even softer. Like another reviewer mentioned, I'm going to be taking these to work in my backpack so I can wear them all day. (In North Idaho I won't be wearing them outside for months;) The price is very reasonable and I'm tempted to buy a second pair before this leather is sold out.
PS Your elves are amazing to work with. Thank you! (Posted on 12/18/17)
Good idea but over-priced and not really substantial enough Review by Brian
I've had mine for a couple years and here are my thoughts. First of all, the elastic is too tight around the ankle and it's frankly uncomfortable. I had to cut the elastic and install a regular shoelace that I could tie to get the right fit. The leather used to make this shoe is very thin and insubstantial. Definitely not a full grain thick piece of leather, it's probably $5-$10 worth of thin leather. And the sole, is a plasticky thin sole, so just be aware, you aren't going to be venturing outside with this shoe.
Bottom line, it is what it is--its a thin moccasin for indoor use only. And it's extremely over-priced at $100. Should be $40.

Note from the Elves: Thanks Brian for sharing your experience. Please know we would be happy to replace your elastic with longer pieces so it would be more comfortable - this is necessary sometimes for different foot sizes and we can imagine having a shoe lace would greatly change your experience. We are sorry you did not enjoy your mocs! Please note there is no plastic in our shoes or soles.
(Posted on 11/27/17)
The product works for me Review by Matt
Overall I am happy with this purchase. I like the softness and the durability of the elk leather, though it did take a awhile to get used to the elastic bands around my ankles. No product will satisfy everyone, we all have our preferences. But I like them and will probably buy another pair if and when these wear out. (Posted on 10/31/17)
Disappointed on fit and Elky smell! Review by Janey
I wanted to love these. I tried two different sizes (8U and 9U) as well as wide vs regular but they were always too big and my feet were slipping about when I tried them on indoors - not comfortable and I knew I was wearing them, so I returned them all. The Elves advised that these shoes run both big and wide to make them a comfy slipper. I love softstar shoes and now it's winter I need slippers so I tried again. This time I ordered 7U reg. When I first put them on I was so happy - they seemed to fit like the 8U in Dash, and I was so excited that I wore them to pop out, unfortunately making them non-returnable. They're too small! They are not stretching (I've tried), and worse, the sole is very narrow, much narrower than the 8U reg. My feet hurt in them and I can't wear them even to try to break them in. Also, this pair has a very strong elk smell - overpowering - that I didn't notice in any of the previous pairs I tried. The leather is a paler color so I suppose it came from a different elk, and it smells elky. Disappointed. (Posted on 9/29/17)
I am so happy Review by Claudia
After cutting the elastic on my last pair of SoftStar Roo moccasins because my feet became swollen, I sent my new pair back several times to make sure the elastic in the moccasins was not so tight I would want to cut the elastic again. The elves were wonderful and after several tries my new pair is perfect -- and I am so happy! (Posted on 8/26/17)
Fantastic Review by Carefree Highway
My sweetie got me a pair for my birthday. I can't wait to put them on when I get home. The most comfortable foot covering I have worn in my 55 years. (Posted on 7/19/17)
Update to previous review. Review by Dashman
Sorry for the duplicate, but as best as I can tell my original review can't be edited.

After I posted my review of this shoes noting the problem I had with the elastic pushing my feet too far forward, and solving the problem by removing the elastic, I received an e-mail from one of the Elves. They offered to put in new elastic but looser than their default, thinking I might prefer to not have my moccasins flopping around. They were right. After some back-and-forth on just how loose to make the elastic, I mailed back the moccasins, and in no time they returned with new, but decidedly looser elastic.

They are perfect now. The fit is wonderful, the moccasin is wonderful, and I'm soooooooo impressed by the Elves' customer service. I already own 6 pairs of Softstar shoes, but this experience has made me an even loyaler customer. (Posted on 6/30/17)
I love these moccasin Review by Roberto
I love everything about them. The color is rich and beautiful, they are super comfortable, and every time I look down and see them on my feet it makes me smile. (Posted on 6/14/17)
Wonderful, after the elastic strap was cut. Review by DashMan
I was initially dismayed by the fit of this shoe. I ordered the same size that I use for multiple pairs of Runamoc Dash and Runamoc shoes. I'm used to these shoes being tight in the toes for a little while until the leather stretches, so I wasn't initially too distressed when I felt similar tightness when I first put these on.

However, after wearing these around the house for an hour or so, it became clear that something else was going on. The elastic around the ankle of these shoes was forcing my heel forward, which was jamming my toes up against the front of the shoes, not a pleasant feeling.

By then, the shoes were dirty enough on the bottom that I couldn't return them for a larger size. I decided to try cutting the elastic band, figuring that even if that ruined the shoes, it would be be worth the effort because I could not see myself wearing these shoes as uncomfortable as they were.

I nervously snipped the elastic and removed the bands from each shoe, slipped them on and, voila, they were wonderful. Now my heel sat naturally at the back of the shoe and my toes were no longer pressing up against the front of the shoe. Without the elastic band the shoe still holds together just fine and my feet don't flop out of the shoes when I walk in them. Minus the elastic band, these shoes were exactly what I wanted.

I'd recommend that if you want to keep the elastic, you might consider ordering a larger size than you would for other Softstar shoes like the Runamocs. However, if you order a pair and find yourself distressed to find your toes pressed up against the shoe, consider snipping the elastic. You won't regret it.

Note from the Elves: Thanks Dashman for your review! To be honest, we are scratching our head a bit trying to figure out how these are staying on your feet and will be reaching out to you to see if you would be interested in some alternatives like custom size elastic or a elasticized lace retrofit to your shoes. We appreciate your feedback! (Posted on 5/25/17)
Love my Elk Review by Fitz
Great people to work with and love my new moccasins. Will purchase from Softstar again. Thanks to all the little elves (Posted on 5/7/17)
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these shoes! Review by Jan
These are so...comfy! I bought them in wide but it turns out I would not have needed wide. There is a lot of room in them. The leather is so soft. I feel like I get to walk around in slippers while I'm out. I'm looking forward to purchasing my next pair. (Posted on 4/24/17)
I live in these shoes! Review by Gillian
These are hands down the best slipper in the world. Super soft, warm but not too hot because of the side vents. The moment I get home from work I'm in these shoes and they don't come off until I'm in bed. (Posted on 4/11/17)
My New Elk Roos Review by Karel
Are just like my old ones, except the sheepskin hasn't been worn down to nothing . I have worn my old ones -- which I will still use with heavy socks in the winter -- as my at-home shoes/slippers for the past four years, through all four seasons. The elk leather is in perfectly good shape, but I decided to replace them for the luxury of new sheepskin under my feet. (I could have glued in new insoles, but I was spoiling myself.) Can't bear to get rid of the old ones, because they feel like family members by now. (Posted on 3/24/17)
Great shoes Review by Jenny
My husband and I wanted earthing shoes to wear when it's a bit too cold to go out bare foot. I walk our dog a lot in our backyard and the shoes are easy to slip on and off. If they get wet, my feet stay dry and they easily dry out. They are really comfortable and exactly what I wanted. (Posted on 3/23/17)
Just what I was looking for Review by Mostly Outside
Great shoes! Just what I was looking for, soft, grounding, love the wool foot bed. I wear them with or without socks. (Posted on 3/23/17)
A shoe that feels like a slipper Review by Jackie
I always get cold feet in the winter, and I decided to give these a try. These are great for wearing around the house but they also are wonderful for a trip to the coffee shop or the store. They look enough like shoes to not feel like a total slacker and my feet remain toasty and comfy. I love them. I just wish they came in a non-suede sole for days when it's drizzling or I have a heavier day of walking. (Posted on 1/17/17)
Brilliant! Review by Susan
I live in Scotland and it's cold and damp here about 50 weeks a year. It's the wind and the short days that tell you it's winter! (Mostly kidding...)

Slippers are a must here for me and these are the best I have ever had. Really comfortable, warm and soft (I sometimes forget to take them off getting into bed at night...)

I love the wildcrafted elk leather and hope that the Elves might consider making other shoes from this in the future? Otherwise I might start wearing these outside! :-) Thank you! (Posted on 1/15/17)
Love them! Review by Scott
These are my favorite winter shoes. They are excellent on dry surfaces and I love running with them in fresh snow. They do not do well around any type of slush or salt. Not bad in warm weather, but they can get a little too hot. Still great for slacklining. (Posted on 1/11/17)
Gorgeous, but I returned them Review by NM
Super soft leather, really well made moccasins. However, the fit was a little sloppy for me, even for house shoes. A size smaller might've worked, but instead I exchanged these for the more fitted and functional Moc3s. (Posted on 1/4/17)
Super Comfy Mocs Review by Robert
Ordered the elk Roo Moccasins and put them on right away. LOVE them. My wife then put them on, we wear the same size and she loved them. Had to order her a pair also. Great comfy Shoes to go shopping in, looks great with a pair of jeans! Looking forward to our next pairs of Soft Star shoes. (Posted on 11/12/16)
Very soft and comfy Review by Robert
Love these and get lots of comments on them. My wife liked mine so much we had to order her a pair of the Elk leather ones also and she loves them. (Posted on 11/11/16)
Unexpected Benefit Review by Rick
Although I just submitted a positive review of these awesome smooth elk leather Roo moccasins a few weeks ago, I just had to submit another one to share an unexpected benefit I recently experienced in owning a pair. About 3 weeks ago, I injured my left foot fairly severely, resulting in much pain and swelling. I discovered that the only shoes I could comfortably wear during the recuperation period were my Soft Star Roo moccasins, mainly my super-soft elkskin pair. My athletic shoes were definitely not an option, and even my other "traditional" soft sole moccasins and slippers proved to constricting and painful to wear. I found that only my Roo mocs, and particularly the elkskin ones, were easy to get on and off and provided my foot with not just the necessary support and protection, but also the much-needed softness and cushioning, to enable proper healing. I really think wearing my elkskin Roos allowed my foot to recover much more quickly than it would have otherwise. My Roos were every bit as valuable to the healing process as were ice packs and Ibuprofen. So again, I just can't find enough good things to say about these amazing moccasins. Thanks, Soft Star, for making such a great product that so effectively helped me to, very quickly and comfortably, get back on two feet again. Roo mocs rock!!! (Posted on 11/3/16)
The next best thing to barefoot Review by maureen
I have been a barefoot runner for almost 5 years and only wear barefoot style shoes when I am not running. These moccasins do not restrict my feet in any way. I wear them almost every day except not in the rain. They are extremely soft and are as close to wearing no shoes as I can get. I did order one size up than what my foot measured. I am very happy with the shoes. (Posted on 11/3/16)
The BEST moccasins ever made! Review by Malia
I bought these as a birthday gift. They were a big hit!! Not only do they look so cute on her, she wears them everyday. Her review is that they are the most comfortable, such a cool style, and fit perfectly hugging her feet. Now I want a pair!!! Thanks Elves! (Posted on 10/10/16)
Moccasin Perfection Review by Rick
I received my new smooth elk leather Roo moccasins in the mail two days ago, and I simply cannot say enough good things about them! I'm a soft sole moccasin junkie - I've worn soft mocs as everyday shoes since I was a little kid - and these Roos are among the most satisfying pairs I've ever had. As with all Roo moccasins, the style is awesome, but the comfort of this particular pair is quite extraordinary. The rich elkskin leather is soft, supple and extremely flexible, and with their soft suede soles and thick sheepskin footbeds, wearing these mocs is like strolling through Heaven. I've hardly had my new Roos off my feet since I got them - I've even worn them to bed the past two nights - but when I have taken them off, I've found I can't wait to slip them back on again. Anyone wanting some cool-looking and uber-comfy soft sole moccasins for all-around wear should search no further than these remarkable elkskin Roos. They're total moccasin perfection! (Posted on 9/26/16)
Crazy Comfortable! Review by RJ
When I ordered these I was not sure what to expect. However, these are amazing! The leather is so soft it's like having my feet wrapped in a little leather blanket. The brown is the perfect shade of brown - the shade that goes with everything. I have not been able to test these outside yet as it has been raining about nonstop since they arrived but I imagine they will be every bit as comfortable on concrete as they are in the house. (Posted on 8/14/16)
Lovely Review by Jennifer
These moccasins are just lovely. The leather is so soft. They are easy to put on and yet stay in place very well. And they are perfect for the quick trips out to turn off the hose or grab the garbage can.
The leather keeps my feet nice and warm but not sweaty and there is plenty of room for nice thick socks when I need a little extra warmth in the winter.
I may just get another pair for outdoor use while gardening. (Posted on 5/11/16)
I love these moccasins. Review by kit
These moccasins feel like clouds on my feet. I hate wearing shoes and was starting to have foot pain from wearing shoes all day at work. I have had no foot pain since I started wearing these moccasins and I feel like I have more energy throughout the day now. (Posted on 4/10/16)
Most comfortable shoes I own Review by Sooju
These shoes are amazing. I put them on when I wake up and take them off when I go to sleep. I've had them for about a year now and they are wearing very well. The sheepskin lining is to die for. My only complaint is that I can't wear them on wet days...but I just ordered a pair of rogues to take care of that. (Posted on 12/29/15)
Love them! Review by softstaraddict
These are wonderful, warm and attractive. (Posted on 11/30/15)
Fantastic! Review by wacomme
The more I wear them, the more I like them. They are very comfortable and I love slipping into them evenings as it gets colder and darker outdoors - and on weekend mornings!

The only thing I don't like is the size tag inside the moc; I can feel it at times and I'll likely cut it out one of these days. (Posted on 10/23/15)
great. seriously. and I'm picky. Review by Andy H
After many pairs of mid-range slippers falling apart I read the solid reviews of this slipper and took the plunge.
Love them.
The leather quality is super-high, they stay on my feet nicely, and are true to size.
I chose the wide because I'm used to minimal/wide footwear and it's perfect.
Worth the investment! (Posted on 9/29/15)
Beautiful Review by TxCactusTree
Our son's elk mocs just arrived and are so outstanding, I immediately sat down to order myself some. I can't remember the last time I held such awesome leather. Thank you once again, Soft Star! :) (Posted on 12/27/14)
Complimented Review by Adam
I've got a friend at work who's a sharp dresser. On the first day that I wore these moccasins to work, he noticed and asked me about my shoes, complimenting me on their look. That says a lot about a product that's basically a slipper.

Aside from the look, the sheepskin inside feels great. It's almost downy.

Even though there's insulation on the bottom, my feet don't feel hot.

This shoe has great ground feel; more than I was expecting. (Posted on 11/11/14)
Buttery Soft! Review by Rachel
I was going to order a new pair of DYO Roos when came across these and ordered them instead. I bought them more for the colour and "rustic" appearance, but as soon as I received them what won me over is how buttery soft the leather is. I have quite a few Soft Stars, but these are something else.

I am usually not much of a slipper wearer indoors (bare or socks in winter months) but I never want to take these off (I even pack them to work to slip on while I am in my office) - and have designated them indoor only so they last as long as possible! (Posted on 11/10/14)
Super Comfortable High Quality Review by YGlen
Exceeded my expectations for both comfort and quality. (Posted on 11/9/14)
Incredible Moccasin! Review by EChirichiello
I did not know what to expect when ordering these. I work for a Waldorf child center where we need indoor slippers. I found these and fell in love with the design/materials and make. I had a bit of a hard time ordering them (My fault) and the staff was really helpful and kind! I am AMAZED with my Roo Moccasins. I want more! They are so soft and supple. So comfortable to wear and I am still in honeymoon phase with them! Thank you SoftStar. I will be ordering more when possible! (Posted on 10/9/14)
LOVE these!!! Review by UkuleleMom
Just got these in the mail today (SUPER fast delivery...only a few days from when they were ordered, and I'm in Ohio) and they are superb! Truly beautiful leather - soft and in the perfect shade of brown (kind of between the chocolate and nutmeg on my RunAmocs with more of a rust color thrown in). I slipped my feet in and HEAVEN...the soft sheepskin will keep my feet comfortable as the cooler weather rolls in. My only wish is that they had a sole I could wear outside in wet weather (maybe this leather will be a future option for DYO shoes?) Thanks Soft Star for such a comfy pair of moccasins! (Posted on 9/20/14)

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Find Your Size!

You can measure your feet at home using a book, a ruler and a wall. You can then see where the measurement fits on our charts below to find the recommended Softstar shoe size.

Note: we no longer recommend tracing your feet because it usually gives a larger measurement than the method described below. Our sizing charts work in accordance with the following method.

To measure your feet:

  1. 1. Remove shoes and socks and place your bare foot so that the heel is barely touching a wall.
  2. 2. Place a book in on the floor, parallel to the wall, so that it is barely touching the front of the longest toe.
  3. 3. Step away carefully and measure the distance from the book to the wall.
  4. 4. Scroll down and look for this measurement on the sizing charts below to find the recommended shoe size.


Once you find your length measurement, you can use table below to best find your corresponding size.


Wide/Narrow: Trouble deciding your width? Our best recommendation is to order a wide or narrow only if you have found you need those custom widths in other brands for your feet to be comfortable. If you have never found you needed wide or narrow shoes before then we suggest sticking with our regular width.

Style notes:

If you find yourself between two shoe sizes, we recommend ordering the larger size. This is especially true of our adult Phoenix Boots and Rogue casual shoes, which run a bit small.

Printable Stand-On Size Guides

We recommend using the measuring method shown above for the most accurate sizing, but if you'd like a simpler method then you may want to try our printable size guide. Just print the guide below and follow the instructions on the page.

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Care Tips for Full Grain (smooth) Leather Shoes


Softstar Shoes are made from eco-friendly leathers tanned in the USA. Leather is a natural product and some variation in texture and hide markings is to be expected. Because we use leather colored with non-toxic food grade dyes, there will likely be some initial color transfer to your socks or skin if your shoes become damp. This will decrease with use, but we don't recommend wearing your new Softstars with your favorite white socks the first time you take them for a spin. 


If your shoes are a little snug at first in the toe box area, you can gently stretch them by stuffing the toe box with a dry cloth. Push the cloth tightly into the front of the shoe and let sit stuffed overnight to stretch. Do not use a damp cloth as the water can stain the leather or innersole of some leather types, rendering it non-returnable.



Most full grain leather we use is naturally water resistant, but our special vegetable-tanned leather (available only by custom selection on some of our design-your-own shoes) is a "naked" leather and will stain from water alone. You can clean shoes as needed with water dampened cloth and let air dry, but please note if you do this on vegetable-tanned leather then you will need to wet/stain the entire shoe to avoid water marks. Condition the leather as often as desired with any quality leather dressing, but be careful to keep it away from the edges of your rubber soles. Do not use mink oil on your shoes, as it can degrade the adhesion on bonded soles and cause the sole to separate from your shoe over time. We highly recommend Bee Natural Amore for general conditioning or Rain & Snow or Nikwax Full Grain Waterproofing on smooth leather for enhanced water resistance. The color on shiny metallic shoes will eventually patina with use into an antique wear look, which can be accelerated with repeated use to water and high wear (e.g. scuffing toes).



We do not recommend frequent washing of any leather product as it strips the leather of it's natural oils and tends to dry stiffer. For all of our leathers (except vegetable-tanned) you can clean by hand with a damp cloth, or if needed you can hand wash your leather shoes using a gentle shampoo and cool water. Let them air dry. Do not attempt to dry your shoes by exposing them to high heat, such as a clothes dryer, a hair dryer or by leaving them on a radiator or next to a fire. Doing so may damage leather or rubber soles.


We are often asked if our shoes can be washed in a washing machine. While not recommended as a normal course of action, when in dire straits the Elves have been known to toss a pair of shoes in the machine and generally have had good results. Just don't mix them with any other item because of color bleeding. Shoes with sheepskin can take 3-4 days to air dry if fully submerged in water, but you can speed up the drying by stuffing with old newspapers and replacing the paper twice a day.

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