Adult Moc3 RunAmoc - Lime

As barefoot as you can get...without being barred from stores and restaurants. This extremely lightweight active shoe provides boundless movement for all your natural movement endeavors. Add the grip and protection of ultra-thin Vibram soles, and take your running, jumping, and tree-climbing skills to new heights!

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Price $130.00
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Calling all ninjas! Experience a shoe flexible enough to grab on to both trails and trees…with the greatest of ease! We’ve engineered the sock-like Moc3 to act like a second skin—that is, if your skin had durable, rubber non-skid bottoms. The Moc3’s Breathe-O-Prene® interior provides a moisture-wicking and odor-resistant fit that hugs your foot from all sides. A layer of our LITE lime green perforated leather protects the outer shell, offering just the slightest barrier between your feet and the great unknown. Weighing only 5oz, these shoes can be easily pulled on and off, and they roll up nicely to stuff into a pack or slide under a belt. Although the Moc3 was designed with runners in mind, it also makes an excellent and comfortable everyday shoe. Grab a pair today and unleash the full, primal power of your feet!

Moc3 for Trail Running:

The thin 2mm soles on the Moc3 lets you take most dirt, grass and moderate trails in stride. Tough-footed barefooters will love them on rocky, technical trails. Since this shoe provides a very high level of groundfeel, beginners who have not yet strengthened their feet for barefoot-style running are advised to transition to rough/rocky surfaces gradually to avoid injury.

The Moc3 is not water resistant and is not recommended for stream crossing, though it is very easy to slip off and carry when you run through water.

  • Exceptional flexibility and groundfeel provided by innovative patterned foot bed
  • Lightweight, weighing less than 5oz! 
  • Breathe-O-Prene® liners wicks moisture and keeps dust and dirt away!
  • Genuine leather uppers, perforated for breathability
  • Zero drop 2mm Vibram® soling
  • Can be worn with or without socks
  • Extremely odor resistant
  • Reflective strips for nighttime safety
  • Handcrafted in Oregon, USA

Want a report from the field? Watch this independent review from a long-time Moc3 road warrior!

Customer Reviews

Overall, best minimalist running shoe Review by Paul
I have been running in Moc3s for several years now, after trying many other minimalist shoes. These are by far the best - no need to stuff your toes like sausages, great balance of protection and ground feel, balance of toe/foot freedom of movement with secure fit around foot.
The only reason I did not give 5 stars: once the outer layer of sold is breached, the size of hole and penetration into the inner layer is rapid.
Some context: I run 30 min 3 x/week on pavement and trail. Shoes last between 6-11 months (trigger for new pair is always breach of outer sole layer). (Posted on 11/29/17)
Great shoe Review by Leanne
I bought these for my 10 year old son. He loved the color and was quite happy with the easy on and off like a sock. My son has wide feet, measuring even in soft star shoes as a wide. Since this shoe did not come in a wide I was worried about the inner seems bugging him. I ordered his correct size and it was too small. I ordered one size up and it fit him perfect! I would say his favorite go to shoe when I make him wear shoes. I ordered one size up for my husband however who has EEE feet...and it was to long for him. I wish soft star would make wides in this shoe. Maybe one day.... (Posted on 5/24/17)
2nd Pair, Awesome Color, a Full Two Sizes Smaller than Recommended and Fit is Perfect Review by Jason
These are my second pair of RunAmocs. I purchased the first pair one size smaller than recommended and they were looser than I like for vigorous running. These are perfect. They molded to my feet in just a week and now feel like a second skin. They are also wearing less than the first pair, as I am not dragging them at the heel. Lime is an excellent color and has saved my feet from others heels several times. (Posted on 5/23/17)
Pretty happy feet Review by Bree
I'm not a runner, but I loved the look of these shoes, and I wanted something that could be comfortable enough to wear while traveling (feel like slippers, outdoor sole). Because I have grumpy feet, I added a bit of cost, and requested the Elves to put the Ballerine footbed into these for some extra cushion. They're wide enough in the regular width, and I'm pretty happy overall. The only bummer is that when I ordered, the standard colors were black and tangerine. Just a few weeks after I custom built them in lime at extra cost, lime is now the standard color. That won't stop me from ordering from SoftStar in the future. (Posted on 4/10/17)
Great shoe, but... Review by Ash
Love the Moc 3 RunAmocs!! So easy that I wore them for everything except rain or beach/riverfront. The ONLY problems I had were:
a) I have a narrow foot, so the shoe really flops around on me. Not a total deal breaker, but since they'really a great athletic shoe I wish Soft Star would make better accommodations that way.
b) The toe wore through really fast. Had to use Shoo Goo within weeks of purchase to repair the toe--the seam in the toe and the rubber that had started to peel. I have pretty good running form, so it could have been the looseness, but that really was a disappointment.
If it were a little longer lasting and had an option for snugger fit, I would buy a pair every year!! (Posted on 4/6/17)
Love them! Review by Christine
These are fantastic. They fit me perfectly, are spacious for my feet and are so lightweight. I did add a plain foam insole because I need a bit of padding when running on pavement but great barefoot feel. Would recommend. (Posted on 12/26/16)
Best Barefoot Running Shoes Yet Review by Isabelle
I've been running in minimalist shoes for 7 years, and have tried VFF, Merrell, and Vivo. These are the best feel hands down. I use them for trail running, and while not as heavily padded as others for rocks and roots, I feel it is enough once my feet warm up.

I was cautious that they were too tight when I ordered them (as my toes were about snug up to the end) but that fit in part makes them so comfortable. I'm convinced the sock-like, snug fit brings the back of the shoe up and gets rid of the heel slap / slightly loose feeling normal in every other pair of shoes, even VFFs. (Posted on 11/17/16)
Comfortable whimsy Review by Dan
This is my second pair of Moc3s, but I opted for a pair that would pop a little more. I used to get comments about how comfortable the shoes looked (which I would immediately confirm). Now it is that sentiment combined with a smile on their face at seeing such fun and whimsy embodied in a pair of shoes. (Posted on 7/3/16)
Mostly happy Review by Monica
These shoes are exceptionally lightweight, flexible, and seem like they will be durable (time will tell). I was hoping that I could wear them without a sock, but started to develop sore spots and blisters after about 25 minutes, so sock-free is not an option. Oh, and the dye bled during a rainy run and left my toes looking gangrenous. Also, I would prefer that the vamp didn't ride so high. What I really want is something like a ballet slipper, snug but stretchy, that could stand up to distance running in an urban setting, but maybe that's impossible.

For the record, I transitioned to minimal shoes for running about five years ago and have been wearing Soft Stars for most of that period. I'm a big fan of the shoes and of the company. (Posted on 7/30/15)
Terrific and healthy Review by Roz
Protects feet from cuts etc while seemingly barefoot running. Amazing comfort on natural parkland and trails. So beautifully made in North America also. Excellent service by maill order. (Posted on 5/26/15)
For running Review by Mathieu
Un peu difficile au début, il a fallu laisser le temps à mes pieds de s'habituer à courir avec une semelle aussi mince. Une fois prêt, je vais toujours courir avec car on ressent TOUT ce qu'il se passe sous nos pieds.
Ce genre de chaussures m'a permis de coirir de nouveau. Avant, une douleur au genou m'interrompait très rapidement. Maintenant je cours de nouveau plus d'une heure sans arrêt ;)

(English Translation) A little difficult at first, it took time to let my feet get used to running with such a thin sole. Once ready, I will always run with because it feels like EVERYTHING is happening under our feet.
This kind of shoes made ​​me run again. Before knee pain interrupted me very quickly. Now I run again over an hour without stopping ; ) (Posted on 11/11/14)
My New Go-To Shoe Review by Katie
I ordered these for a triathlon, but stuck with my DASH RunAmocs for the race (which are also great shoes, especially for running). My feet seem to be between sizes, and I was worried these might be too small. I took them on some short runs, and was too nervous about my race to formulate an opinion. But over the past two months or so that I've had these, I keep slipping them on without thinking about it. I've got several pairs of minimalist shoes, including a couple of Vibram Five Fingers, Inov-8s, and New Balance, but it's these that keep ending up on my feet. This is saying a lot, because I can't even say I find them cute or endearing as I do the others. I love the soles especially, and they are conversation starters. Mostly, I love how free they make my feet feel.

I own three pairs of Soft Stars, the two mentioned here, plus a pair of Mary Janes for my wedding. I am certain I'll be a Soft Star customer for life. (Posted on 11/16/13)

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Find Your Size!

You can measure your feet at home using a book, a ruler and a wall. You can then see where the measurement fits on our charts below to find the recommended Softstar shoe size.

Note: we no longer recommend tracing your feet because it usually gives a larger measurement than the method described below. Our sizing charts work in accordance with the following method.

To measure your feet:

  1. 1. Remove shoes and socks and place your bare foot so that the heel is barely touching a wall.
  2. 2. Place a book in on the floor, parallel to the wall, so that it is barely touching the front of the longest toe.
  3. 3. Step away carefully and measure the distance from the book to the wall.
  4. 4. Scroll down and look for this measurement on the sizing charts below to find the recommended shoe size.


Once you find your length measurement, you can use table below to best find your corresponding size.


Wide/Narrow: Trouble deciding your width? Our best recommendation is to order a wide or narrow only if you have found you need those custom widths in other brands for your feet to be comfortable. If you have never found you needed wide or narrow shoes before then we suggest sticking with our regular width.

Style notes:

If you find yourself between two shoe sizes, we recommend ordering the larger size. This is especially true of our adult Phoenix Boots and Rogue casual shoes, which run a bit small.

Printable Stand-On Size Guides

We recommend using the measuring method shown above for the most accurate sizing, but if you'd like a simpler method then you may want to try our printable size guide. Just print the guide below and follow the instructions on the page.

Note: before you print the guide, make sure your printer settings will not shrink or scale the page. Uncheck any boxes labeled "Fit to Printable Area" and/or set scaling options to "None."


Whether you need it for the trail, street, studio or workplace, we have the perfect RunAmoc for you!

Scroll down to compare shoe styles, sole options and leather, or click a category to jump ahead:

RunAmoc Style Comparison







Extra-wide toe splay for healthy, natural foot function.


Multipurpose minimal shoe: athletic, casual or dressy.


An ultra-light running "sock" with the durability of a shoe.


• Extra wide toe box. This shoe is widest at the toes, rather than the ball of the foot, and is ideal for people who want to maintain/restore natural foot shape and function.

• Rubber toe cap, made from upcycled bicycle innertubes, adds durability to front of shoe--especially useful for hikers and trail runners.

• Extended lacing system is designed to fit snugly around instep, yet allow toes to spread out as much as possible.

• Underside of tongue is lined with a thin layer of Breathe-O-Prene (a breathable, neoprene-like material) to hold the shoe securely across the top of the foot.

• A versatile minimal design that can function as an athletic shoe, a casual shoe or a formal shoe (depending on color choices).

• Mid-level minimal shoe option for people who do not want the extra-wide toe box of the Primal RunAmoc, but prefer a shoe that is more traditional than the Moc3.

• Short lacing system allows adjustable fit around the instep while leaving the front of the foot unencumbered.

• Every component of the Dash is fully customizable for unique color, material and sole options.

• Our lightest minimal shoe, and one of the lightest in the world! Designed to be as flexible and lightweight as possible.

• Easily rolls up and fits into small spaces when not in use, such as a small bag or tucked under a belt.

• Slip-on design allows quick on/off when you're on the go.

• Breathe-O-Prene lining hugs your foot from all sides for a snug, but ventilated fit.

• Sole pattern is cut sparsely to allow maximum flexibility and barefoot experience (see image below).


Adult Sizes 5U–15U

Currently only available in regular width, but more width options will be available in spring of 2018.

Sizing Guide

Adult Sizes 5U–15U

Available in regular, narrow or wide widths.

Sizing Guide

Adult Sizes 4U–13U

Available in regular width only.

Sizing Guide


6.4–10.2 oz, depending on size.


5.0–9.5 oz, depending on sizeand sole.


4–6 oz, depending on size.


Sole Options

Primal sole shape:


Currently only made with 5mm Trail sole, but more soling options will be available in spring of 2018.

Dash sole shape:


Available in 3 sole options:

• 2mm Vibram™ Street Sole
• 5mm Vibram™ Trail Sole
• Tough Leather Sole (available only when you customize this shoe)

Moc2 sole shape:


The Moc3 is only made with 2mm Vibram™ Street Sole cut to minimal patterned footbed. The sole is entirely covered with thin material, but the thicker 2mm sole covers the shaded areas above.

Custom Color Options Currently only available in three color combinations. The option to customize this shoe with unique colors will be available in spring of 2018. Suede, smooth (full grain) or LITE (perforated) leather colors.

LITE perforated leather colors.


RunAmoc Sole Comparison


2mm Street

5mm Trail

Bullhide Leather


Street Sole Close UP

Trail Sole Close Up

Leather Sole Close Up

2mm Street Sole Pattern
5mm Trail Sole Pattern
Tough Leather Sole Pattern


Very high level of groundfeel. Our thinnest and lightest sole. Minimal space between feet and ground.

High level of groundfeel. Extra thickness adds durability. Tread pattern provides additional traction on rough surfaces.

Our most flexible sole! 3–4mm thick (natural hides vary slightly). Pliable texture provides our highest level of groundfeel and most unrestricted foot movement.

All-natural leather material allows grounding conductivity (see earthing).


Perfect for running on smooth surfaces or for trail runners who have strengthened their feet to tolerate groundfeel of rough surfaces.

Ideal for trail runners and those who want barefoot movement with protection while running over rough surfaces, such as gravel or rocky paths. Also a favorite for street runners who prefer durability over maximum groundfeel.

Recommended for people new to minimalist running shoes.

A favorite for people who prefer to run or walk barefoot. Like the street sole, it is recommended to have feet strengthened for barefoot-style running before using this sole on rough or rocky terrain.

NOTE: this sole can become very slippery on smooth, wet surfaces.

Price No additional cost. No additional cost.




Leather Material Comparison



(full grain)

LITE (perforated)


Softstar Suede Leather

Softstar Smooth Leather

Softstar LITE Leather

Look and Feel Soft and cozy. Matte appearance. Smooth and glossy. Underside is suede. Smooth, thin and light.
Pros & Cons


Pros: A favorite for its stylish look and extremely cozy feel.

Cons: Not water resistant, unless treated with a suede protector leathercare. Requires more effort to clean (we recommend a suede brush).

Pros: Naturally water resistant and easy to clean. Keeps feet warm and protected in cold, wet weather.

Cons: May cause feet to feel warm in hot climates, depending on your tolerance for heat/cold (still more breathable than most rubber or faux-leather shoes).

Pros: Lightweight, keeps feet cool and ventilated. A favorite for running in warm weather. Easy to clean.

Cons: Not water resistant... it has holes!


Our suede leather is a popular choice for casual everyday shoes that look and feel fantastic! Many people use it for athletic shoes as well, though it does require extra effort to keep dry and clean.

Smooth leather provides the most protection from the elements. A popular choice for protecting feet from cold or wet weather. Also gives a classy look for dressy or formal occasions.

While naturally somewhat water resistant, smooth leather can be made more waterproof with full grain leathercare.

Great for athletes wanting to keep feet ventilated and cool. This naturally lightweight material minimizes shoe weight to maximize performance. Although it is not water resistant, the thin, airy material dries quickly and is easy to clean.



In the fall of 2009, we noticed a sharp increase in calls from customers requesting modifications to our existing line of minimalist moccasins. We were surprised to learn that people weren't only wearing them around the house, but to run trails, marathons and even ultramarathons. With interest increasing in barefoot running, we began development of a barefoot running moccasin designed by and for runners.

Softstar called on our online community of fans to solicit input on ideal features to design a new shoe specifically for runners that was light, ventilated and featured super thin and flexible running soles. Our fantastic customers submitted ideas, provided feedback on prototypes and ultimately voted on the name RunAmoc. Since the very successful launch of the Original RunAmoc (now discontinued), we have added the Dash, Moc3 and Primal to the line. We hope you find these unique running shoes to be a benefit to your training routine and a treat for your feet!



Making the switch from traditional shoes to minimal shoes or barefoot running/walking should be done gradually with research and advice from healthcare professionals to prevent injury. It is not recommended to begin heavy running in minimalist/barefoot shoes until your feet have adapted properly. You will probably be tempted to just take off since they are FUN and you feel like a kid in them, but you may end up injuring yourself if you plunge into full speed without proper conditioning. You may want to read this article that includes tips and training plans for transitioning safely:

Article: How to Transition to Minimal Shoes

Our disclaimer: please remember that we are shoemakers, not doctors. Nothing we say or write should be taken as medical advice or replace advice from a medical professional.

This beautiful marriage of simplicity and technology was designed by veteran running shoe expert, Mike Friton, a 25-year active shoe guru currently teaching shoe design at the Portland Art Institute. An avid runner, he spent his early years working in Bill Bowerman's laboratory and with elite runners. With a background in anthropology, he has taken his deep passion for simple, healthy foot healthy designs and applied it to helping us create this nearly barefoot masterpiece. Click the video for a behind-the-scenes look at the design process!