SPECIAL EDITION Adult Hawthorne Chukka - Nubuck Indigo

Boasting a clean, structured look that belies its incredible lightness and flexibility, the ultra-versatile Hawthorne Chukka has the form and function to carry you comfortably through any occasion. This special edition Chukka is available in Indigo Nubuck leather for a limited time!

Sizing Note: this shoe fits snugly. If you are between sizes then we recommend ordering the larger size.

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Price $190.00
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Available for a limited time, these special edition Hawthorne Chukkas are made with our soft and durable Nubuck leather in a rich Indigo color. Nubuck has the tough, protective qualities of a top grain leather with a touch of the softness you normally get from suede.

This latest addition to our casual footwear line turns you into a barefoot ninja, enabling you to slip in and out of client meetings, date nights, and fine dining establishments without wearing shoes…or at least feeling that way. The Hawthorne adeptly walks the line between rugged and polished, freeing you from ever having to wear stiff, heavy, uncomfortable “dress shoes” again! And since we know you’ll want to wear them forever, we’ve made them out of a rich and supple Dublin leather, featuring a unique waxed finish for added resilience--they can even be resoled! These beautiful Indigo boots are handmade, so please allow 3-6 business days for your order to be completed and shipped.

Our 2017 Hawthorne Chukkas are now made with a suede innersole.

  • Made in USA: designed and handcrafted in Oregon using US-sourced materials
  • Sustainably designed: resolable by your local cobbler.
  • Breathable and lightweight: approximately 9oz per shoe
  • Flexible zero drop sole between toe and heel with excellent groundfeel
  • Features 8mm Geo sole with 4mm leather midsole. Total outersole: 12mm
  • Suede innersole.
  • Spacious toe box allows feet to stretch comfortably
  • Can be worn with or without socks
  • Premium, responsibly-sourced leathers

Getting cold feet? We also offer sheepskin innersoles specifically designed for the Hawthorne Chukka!

Sorry, but the Hawthorne Chukka is not available as a custom shoe.

Customer Reviews

Wow!! So happy with these. Review by Karin
There are lots of Hawthorne reviews with the regular colors, and I read them carefully and thought hard about whether these would work for me. They seem a little pricey, but I liked the blue color in the photo, and the idea of nubuck which I thought might make them feel softer than smooth leather. I emailed the Elves and got sizing advice too, noting that they run small.
I am delighted with these, they are as comfortable and light as I hoped, and they are almost as accommodating of my wide and sensitive feet as my slouchier Soft Star styles. They are also really good looking, and I have gotten a number of compliments on them. The blue color is really versatile. It seems to blend nicely with anything. They are a good compromise in a lot of ways. They look and feel fine with or without socks, they work with pants and skirts. The sole is sturdy without being stiff or heavy -- I think they will be great for cool weather travel. (Posted on 12/12/17)
The indigo color is lovely with jeans Review by Anne
This is my first pair of Softstar shoes, being new to the minimalist sole after having some bunion issues from tight tennis shoes worn with thick orthotics. I am so happy with my wide pair of indigo Chukkas. They arrived one week or so after ordering and it was just like Christmas when they came in the mail. The color is nice and deep, and I did add a protective spray which only made them deeper. I got the fleece insole and in a few weeks can wear them with socks, without, and even with the Correct Toes. I can't say enough how happy this process was for me. Thank you Elves from my tired but now happier and colorful feet. I get many compliments on how cute and well made they are too! (Posted on 11/21/17)

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