Adult Hawthorne Chukka - Currant

Boasting a clean, structured look that belies its incredible lightness and flexibility, the ultra-versatile Hawthorne Chukka has the form and function to carry you comfortably through any occasion!

Sizing Note: this shoe fits snugly. If you are between sizes then we recommend ordering the larger size.

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Price $190.00
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This latest addition to our casual footwear line turns you into a barefoot ninja, enabling you to slip in and out of client meetings, date nights, and fine dining establishments without wearing shoes…or at least feeling that way. The Hawthorne adeptly walks the line between rugged and polished, freeing you from ever having to wear stiff, heavy, uncomfortable “dress shoes” again! And since we know you’ll want to wear them forever, we’ve made them out of a rich and supple Dublin leather, featuring a unique waxed finish for added resilience--they can even be resoled! These beautiful Currant red boots are handmade, so please allow 3-6 business days for your order to be completed and shipped…don’t worry, they’re worth the wait ;) 

Our 2017 Hawthorne Chukkas are now made with a suede innersole.

  • Made in USA: designed and handcrafted in Oregon using US-sourced materials
  • Sustainably designed: resolable by your local cobbler!
  • Breathable and lightweight: approximately 9oz per shoe
  • Flexible zero drop sole between toe and heel with excellent groundfeel
  • Features 8mm Geo sole with 4mm leather midsole. Total outersole: 12mm
  • Suede innersole.
  • Spacious toe box allows feet to stretch comfortably
  • Can be worn with or without socks
  • Premium, responsibly-sourced leathers

Getting cold feet? We also offer sheepskin innersoles specifically designed for the Hawthorne Chukka!

Sorry, but the Hawthorne Chukka is not available as a custom shoe.

Customer Reviews

Love Love Love them! Review by Kerstin
I have, over the years, purchased several pairs of the Dash, and while they are really nice to wear without socks, I always slip in them when I do wear socks. And in the winter, without socks, my ankles always got too cold. So I finally purchased these shoes because I needed a good minimalist winter shoe I could wear with socks to keep my ankles warm. Well, they fit that category beautifully!
While I have (for a woman) a wide foot with a reasonably high arch, these shoes have molded nicely to my foot. When I spoke with an Elf, we discussed my foot length. I am about a third larger than the 7, but definitely not an 8, both in regular width, and so we determined an 8 would work really well. And it has!
When it first arrived, I wore it without socks in the house for a while, then added a thin pair of cotton socks. The shoes stretched out nicely after a short time, and so I used Rain & Snow waterproofing on them and started to wear them outside. They have yet to show any marks from any weather we have had, and I love how well they wear and how comfortable they are.
I also purchased a set of sheep skin insoles to wear with them and make the soles even warmer. I currently can wear the shoes either with socks and no sheep skin insole (good for keeping my ankles warm on cold days) or no socks and with the sheep skin insole; if I wear them with both the socks and sheep skin insole, they are still too tight, and I really don't want the extra loosening I think they would give me.
Also - LOVE the extra leather at the toe! For some reason I raise my toes and my shoes often show my toe outline (I have had this problem for decades even before going minimalist). With the extra leather in the toe, this has yet to happen, so I feel like they have a much nicer look to them; it was a great idea.
So I am extremely grateful for SoftStar coming up with the Chukka - it is great for those of us who like taller shoes in the winter to keep our feet warm! When I am wearing them, I really forget that I am wearing shoes, which is as I think it should be! (Posted on 2/11/17)
Love my Hawthornes! Review by Laura
You guys, these shoes. They really are just so great. The leather is so soft. And you might think that absolutely flat sole wouldn't be the most comfortable, but it really is. And the red! Swoon!

I have a pretty decent sized bunion on one foot so my original intention with these was to wear them with Correct Toes. I knew from reading the product description and emailing with a helpful Elf that Hawthornes do run a bit small. I have a regular width foot--although I do wear a wide running shoe to help accommodate a bunion--and my foot measure a solid 8 in a Brannock device. I measured my foot with the sizing guide download and I was just a bit larger than the 7U so I ordered that in a wide. They fit great as-is, but when I wear them with my Correct Toes, there is a bit of pressure on my big toenails and I think the bunion on my left foot has made that nail sensitive to pressure. I've tried the trick of stuffing cloth into the toes and that helped a bit. One Elf suggested I might consider a size larger but that would be 3/8" longer and that seemed a tad big. I own something I call a shoe deformer that's like a giant scissors with a ball on one arm and a ring on the other that cobblers and shoe stores sometimes use to press out an area of a shoe to make room for bunions. I'm currently adding some extra room around that sensitive toenail and it seems to be working. The leather is so soft, it stretches easily. As I write this I've got my Hawthornes on with Correct Toes in there. Much less pressure than I've had in the past.

Also worth noting they come with really nice leather insoles. But when I wear socks I feel like I slide around on that smooth leather. And that would push my sensitive toenail into the end of the shoe. And it's been too cold in Seattle to go without. And the sheepskin liners I could buy also seemed like they'd take up too much room. These shoes come with suede insoles you can slip inside which definitely keep me from sliding around.

All in all, I'm extremely happy with these shoes and after a bit of tinkering to shut up my cranky, buniony feet, they're working out just as I'd hoped. Plus, I love that they're handmade and sort of local to me here in Seattle. (Posted on 2/2/17)
Warm for winter Review by Cristin
I needed to switch from ballerines now that it's getting colder and these are perfect, so comfortable and warm! (Posted on 1/2/17)
Very nice Review by Tracey
I love these shoes. They are well made, very soft and comfortable. I got the sheepskin innersole and probably should have chosen a size bigger to accomodate this. (Posted on 12/5/16)
Lightweight & Comfy Review by Cheryl
I've had these shoes now for about a month and I'm loving them. Lightweight and super comfortable. Great for traveling. (Posted on 11/28/16)
Chic, elegant comfort Review by jenefer
These are so beautiful I almost didn't want to wear them - but I got over that and they are perfection. They go with everything, they felt great day one (like shoes SHOULD). LOVE all my Soft Stars. I don't want anything else on my feet! (Posted on 11/15/16)
Glad I ordered the larger size Review by Becky
I've been trying to get over a foot condition called sesamoiditis for several months now. It is impossible to find shoes that give my toes room to spread not to mention a completely flat sole. These have worked great. My foot is feeling the best it has in a very long time.

The recommendation was to order a size larger than you usually would. I usually wear a women's 9.5, or Men's 8 but I ordered the men's size 9. It is a good roomy but not floppy fit. It works well with thicker socks, but is too loose for thinner socks. I wish there were half sizes, b/c the boot is about a half size too big. If I had gotten the 8 though, it probably would have taken awhile to stretch out to a comfortable fit and I would have to wear thin socks with it.

(Posted on 10/26/16)
Love them after I removed the inside toe cap Review by Kristin
I bought these beautiful red boots back in July but didn't start wearing them until 3 weeks ago. I needed to order the narrow and sized up from my usual size hoping it would allow extra room for my toes. Even in a narrow, the laces pull the sides of the shoe totally together, so there is no way that the regular width would work for me. But, it seemed a little tight against my pinky toe in the toe box width, but I thought they would stretch a lot like my dashes. Well, after wearing them a few times, it seemed like they were not stretching very much and they felt still much more "oppressive" on my toes than my other Soft Star shoes, so I tried stuffing them with socks to stretch them for a few days like I did my other SSS. Still no change. I had read a review on the black chukka that said they removed the glued in toe cap that is in the inside of the toe box and it made them more comfortable, and more like the dashes. So I checked with the elves to make sure if I did that it wouldn't hurt the shoe, and indeed they said to go ahead. It's not an easy process and works better if you grip one end with needle nosed pliers and pry the leather apart with your opposite thumb (both of my thumbnails are now sore). You can't just pull them out with your fingers easily. I think it took me 30 minutes to do the first one! But in the end, it was soo worth is and the shoes are super soft and comfortable now. Although the other reviewer said it changed the look of the shoe, honestly, my shoe does not look that different from before. If I move my toes around, you can see them more, but that's it. I like they way they feel much better without the toe cap. They are like beautiful red slippers.

The elves told me that you can request the shoe without the toe cap when you order it. It will save you a lot of finger torture, if you prefer it without. (Posted on 10/7/16)
So cute with a skirt! Review by Jill
Super comfy butter soft leather. I wore them all over London and felt very chic. :-) (Posted on 7/13/16)
Wish I could keep them Review by Elle
I really liked these shoes - the leather was beautiful and soft, they were light and well made. I had to return them because the toe box was too low for me. My big toes turn up so shoes with flat [ter] toe box do not fit.
Wish The Soft Star could accommodate people like myself. I would have ordered the RunAmocs too..... (Posted on 6/8/16)
Lovely! Review by Connie
These are classy. Sophisticated. But what I love most is they are different. The red is a beautiful color and looks fantastic with a pair of jeans. I paid the extra for the sheepskin innersoles, which makes these comfortable shoes even more so. Great fit and they feel great right out of the box. (Posted on 3/27/16)
Love It! Review by Tourist
I love these boots! I ordered them in the "Currant" color, a lovely cherry. They don't offer the ground feel the other shoes I have from Softstar (Dash, Ballerine Sport, and Mary Jane) offer, but less ground feel is precisely what I was looking for since I'm currently scheduled to do a lot of walking on cobblestones soon. A day of walking on cobblestones with the thin soles I have on Dash is too jolting. My Correct Toes (love them too) are an easy fit with my Dashes, a tighter fit with the chukka. I'm sure the chukka will eventually accommodate the Correct Toes as comfortably as the Dashes, I'll just have to spend a little time allowing the leather uppers of the chukka to stretch. (I already wear a wide width so couldn't size up in width to accommodate the Correct Toes.) I bought the fleece insoles and love them too. I suspect the Correct Toes would fit easily without the fleece insoles, but the fleece ups the cozy factor. I'm sixty-five, so while I love wearing the chukkas with pants, I'm not sure yet whether I can pull off the look of the chukkas with a skirt. I will tell you this though, when I'm wearing my jeans, a classic white shirt and these beautiful red chukkas to the grocery store, all of a sudden the butcher flirts with me. Within the next year, I'll probably purchase these chukkas in black and hickory. I second the plea for the chukkas in blue. Something like the Nova Cerulean? (Posted on 1/2/16)
So worth the wait! Review by Grace
I have been eagerly waiting for these boots to be available and love them! As someone who only wears Soft Star shoes, I have to say that these are my favorite. They look stylish yet unique and the color is beautiful. As with all Soft Star shoes, there was no break in period and the shoes are beautifully made. The only trouble I had was that the inside sole felt slippery, causing my socks to bunch up uncomfortably. Then I decided to add the sheepskin insole, which solved that problem. The insole is also fantastic for keeping my feet warm. All in all, it's the perfect shoe. It's also the only shoe I've worn since they arrived on my door step 2 months ago. (Posted on 12/23/15)
Perfect addition to my lineup Review by Arcole
I adore my new Hawthorne chukkas in Currant! They were super comfortable right out of the box which suprised me. I expected some break-in time on the toebox, but no need. Another of my concerns before ordering was the ankle height. I was afraid the leather might be stiff, but no such thing. The leather is supple and soft enough that my ankles didn't feel bound at all. I have a number of Soft Star shoes and wear every sole thickness from moccasin to RunAmoc. The chukkas are a little thicker than the RunAmoc sole, but for winter use I think that's a good thing. I don't know how rain-worthy they will be because I don't want to take a chance on spotting that lovely red color. I expect excellent durability considering how I've worn my other SoftStar shoes for years now and have seen very little wear signs on any of them. Once I've worn them a while, I think I'll add the fleece soles just for cushy fabulousness. Right now they fit perfectly with regular socks. I did call SoftStar before I ordered so they could recommend size based on my past order history. The customer service elves are fantastic and have always given me great advice. In short, I am delighted with my new shoes as I am with all my SoftStars (8 pairs now!). Thank you, elves!! (Posted on 12/1/15)
I have just discovered the Soft Star brand and am trying out different styles to see what will work well with my relatively narrow foot that has a big bunion! It's an endless quest, so I was thrilled to come upon Soft Star.
I bought the Chukkas in the currant color, which is very nice. The quality of the construction of this shoe is excellent. The leather is beautifully soft and supple. The toebox accommodates my bunion very comfortably. Sadly, I must return these shoes for two reasons. I bought the equivalent of a woman's size 9 since that's what I usually wear. However, there was too much width in the shoe right where the shoelaces are tied and the leather looked bunched up there. I have a little extra room at the toe and was going to try the wide width one size down but I've already had to send back the ballerine flats for a different size and there is not free return shipping. The other problem for me with this shoes is that although I only wear flat-soled shoes, I'm not looking for a barefoot experience and I found the soles on this shoe a little too thin. I need more protection for the bottom of my feet for walking outside. I don't really care for the other styles that are offered, but I'll keep checking back on the Soft Star site to see what's new. I gave these shoes 4 stars because probably for many people, they're just right! (Posted on 11/19/15)
Great Shoes!!! Review by Nanderson
These are *fantastic* shoes overall-in style and comfort. I think they are the most comfortable shoes I own--starting right out of the box! Love them! I have the currant color--and they are a really great, deeper shade of red. I have gotten so many compliments on them. I also purchased the sheepskin innersoles--but have not put them in the shoes yet. I am looking forward to trying them out once the weather cools off here in the South. Thanks for the lovely shoes, Soft Star Elves!!! I hope to see them in more colors soon--blue hawthorne chukkas, perhaps? (Posted on 11/12/15)
Coziest Shoe Ever Review by Lola
Solstice is my summer shoe & Metro has me covered for fall and spring, but I didn't have a Soft Star shoe for winter (I tried RunAmocs, but I just couldn't go there with my style). Now I have Hawthornes and I see wearing them every day this winter.

My other Soft Stars are 9W, but after putting some sheepskin insoles in my Metros and seeing how much better they looked and felt, I realized I only needed a 9 and ordered that size in the Hawthorne. I tend to buy shoes that fit exactly when I try them on and then end up with shoes that are too big once the leather stretches.

The Hawthornes are snug and I can see how others may want more wiggle room for their toes, but even with athletic socks, I think my Hawthornes are just right. Even through my socks, my feet felt enveloped in gentle leather caresses.

While I love the currant color in theory, I don't think the shade quite works with my wardrobe. After a friend admired them, I mentioned possibly having them dyed black and she told me I shouldn't. I may try for a more burgundy red. Also, I think I could wear them with dressier outfits if the sole wasn't contrasting natural leather. The look is a bit too rugged for my NYC life.

Overall, I wore them all over the city yesterday and never felt a cobblestone or broken piece of glass like I often do with my other Soft Stars. I want the Hawthorne sole on ALL of my shoes. Actually, I might keep the current pair and simply splurge on another pair in black…

Note from Soft Star: Thanks for the great feedback Lola - please note that if you wish to dye & polish the color the contrasting natural leather sole to be black - that should be an easy trick for your local cobbler. (Posted on 10/28/15)
THE most beautiful color of red Review by Amanda
I just received my Hawthornes this week, and they are beautiful, comfortable and fit perfectly.
I wear a size 9 in all my other soft stars, and I ordered the same size. My feet measure on the small size for a 9, so I had no problems with the fit like the other reviewer did.
I am so happy these came out. I am a teacher and wear the Merry Jane Metros to work, but I wanted something for fall and winter this year so my feet wouldn't get so cold.
My only regret is that I didn't just pony up for the sheepskin insoles with these. (Posted on 10/25/15)
order a larger size Review by Sonja
I wear only Soft Star shoes. I have 5 different styles. The are all size 9. I just tried on size 9 Chukka's with very thin socks. Like every other Soft Star shoe I have tried, they are well made, good looking, and will feel great, but they are too short. My toes are squished by the length, the width is fine. I am returning and getting a size 10. (Posted on 10/15/15)
Classically Cool, CRAZY Comfortable! Review by Jana
I am a Soft Star "Elf" and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do an advance review of the Hawthorne Chukka. I was SUPER excited to try the shoe, as I really love taking traditional "men's" fashion pieces and putting my own spin on them. I chose the the red, "Currant" color because I thought they would make a bold-yet-classy statement; boy, was I right! I receive compliments every time I wear them, and I wear them constantly! They look great with jeans and a fitted flannel, but my favorite way to show them off is sock-less with a dress or skirt. All of my friends, both men and women, want a pair, especially after I take them off and let them feel how, soft, light, and flexible they are!

The sole has a classic, traditional look while still giving me great ground feel– they are perfect for keeping me out of the puddles now that the rainy Pacific Northwest winter is on its way. The Vibram GEO soles feel great after all day on my feet and walking around town. The innersole is a very beautiful, smooth leather (looks very dressy) but is new and different from my Soft Star experience with suede soles. I tried adding a sheepskin innersole. When the shoes were new, this felt too snug and I took them out – but now that I have been wearing the shoes for a few months they have stretched a little - I added the sheepskin innersoles back in and feel like I have a warm winter boot in the package of a dress shoe. I also like the smooth innersole now – just was different from what I expected. They look great after 2 months of continuous wear. You've GOT to try this shoe :) (Posted on 10/6/15)

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