Adult Fireside Sheepskin Slipper

Introducing the feather-light, impossibly cozy slipper of your dreams! Fully lined with plush sheepskin fleece, our new Fireside slipper is sure to keep your feet toasty warm all winter long.

Sizing Note: the natural sheepskin leather used for these slippers will stretch as you wear them. For optimal fit over time, the slippers should feel very snug when new.

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Price $120.00
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Sizing Note: the natural sheepskin leather used for these slippers will stretch as you wear them. For optimal fit over time, the slippers should feel very snug when new.

Firesides are also available for kids! Check out our Sparkies in child and youth sizes.

When the windows frost over and the leaves start to fall, there's no better place to be than fireside! Now you can enjoy the rustic warmth of a hearth or bonfire on chill winter nights—even when kindling and matches are in short supply.

These feather-light ankle booties are made from genuine short wool sheepskin on brushed suede soles, beautifully trimmed in buttery soft buffed cow leather. Adjustable cuffs can be rolled up or down to for customizable coziness, and replaceable sheepskin innersoles allow you to enjoy your new favorite slippers for seasons to come!

  • Fully lined with genuine sheepskin.
  • Suede leather soles keep slippers light and flexible.
  • Designed with signature Fireside Sheepskin Innersoles that can be removed when worn-down and replaced, extending the life of your slippers.
  • Wear cuff-up to keep ankles warm or cuff-down as a cozy slipper.
  • Left and right Fireside slippers are symmetrical when new; they will stretch to take the shape of your foot with wear. You can use the star tags on the back of the slippers as a reference to keep left and right consistent (most people like to wear them with the stars on the outside, but it's up to you).
  • Designed and handcrafted at our workshop in Oregon, USA.  Recommended for indoor use.

Fireside slippers come with sheepskin innersoles adhered to the inside soles of the slippers. If your innersoles wear down then you can pull them out by hand and replace with our Replacement Fireside Innersole product, sold separately.

Customer Reviews

Warm and fuzzy Review by Ariana
I sent some of these to my husband who is currently deployed to Afghanistan to wear around his tiny, cold bunk room in the winter. He raved about them so much I bought myself and my 3 year old some as well, and we are quite happy with them too. Warm and fuzzy! (Posted on 3/23/18)
so comfy! Review by Ned
The best slippers I've ever owned. One of the very few with a natural footshape too (despite others being advertised this way!), and they accomodate my CorrecToes. Warm but breathable! (Posted on 2/28/18)
Perfect Review by evergreen
I've tried several other shearling wool slippers over the years. These Fireside slippers are the best. The workmanship and materials are excellent. The wool is not matting down and deteriorating as other slippers have done. They are so very comfortable; my feet feel as though they are floating in a soft, warm cloud. It took me a few days getting used to the feeling of walking barefoot --- very WARM barefoot --- as the soles are simply beautiful sheepskin - no fillers or padding; which does not affect the comfort of these slippers. They are quite an experience. I would buy these again in a flash. Should I have to do so in the future, I might downsize one size. I measured my foot as directed with the Softstar printout. My foot went slightly into size 8 and thus, according to the instructions, I ordered an 8. A size 7 might fit a bit more snug; but then, perhaps the comfort is enhanced by a slightly loose fit. It's hard to decide; my feet are loving these slippers as they are - size 8 and roomy - so why mess with a good thing? I don't think I'll have to worry about it for quite a while. Thank you, Elves! Keep up the good work! (Posted on 2/28/18)
Best slippers in the world Review by Benjamin
I have been told that I am something of a wordsmith, but I struggle to find sufficient superlatives to describe these slipper. I grew up wishing I had honest-to-goodness, Native American made moccasins, these aren't that, but they are the closest I have ever experienced. They are very warm. They are very "cushy". They are exceedingly pliable. I like these slippers a LOT. Thanks elves! (Posted on 2/14/18)
sooooo comfy Review by Kim
I love my new slippers! As all of my other soft star shoes, these are fabulous. My friend loves his pair as well. (Posted on 2/8/18)
Finally...warm feet! Review by Jane
I didn't think this was possible for me in the winter. My feet are actually warm! I thought I would need to close those two tabs at the top of the slipper, but when I tried that my feet got too hot. They are perfect how they are made. The only thing that could make them better would be to add 1/2 sizes. The ones I got are a size 6 and slightly big on me, but I'm pretty sure that a 5 would be too small. Too tight shoes bother my feet a lot. So if you ever offer 1/2 sizes, I'll be after a pair of the 5 1/2's. (Posted on 2/6/18)
We LOVE these slippers and will buy another pair if we wear these out in our remaining lifetime! Review by Patricia
We LOVE these slippers and will buy another pair if we wear these out in our remaining lifetime! (Posted on 1/25/18)
In love Review by Jamie
I love these! My only complaint is that I can’t wear them all the time. They are so comfortable and warm and they make my body feel great. Great quality too! (Posted on 1/23/18)
Believe the hype! Review by Elizabeth
These slippers hardly need another endorsement, but here goes anyway. I live in a drafty 1914 house, I get cold easily, and my toes are always cold. I have tried many different slippers and slipper socks from other companies, and have had numerous issues with them--not warm enough, heavy/clunky soles, leather soles that slip on our wooden stairs, synthetic materials that make my feet sweat, narrow toe boxes, etc, etc. The Fireside Slippers have none of these issues. They are literally the slippers of my dreams. Having warm and cozy feet has improved my wintertime quality of life so much. You will not regret buying yourself a pair. (Posted on 1/23/18)
Make sure they're snug--measurement chart isn't great Review by Jacqueline
I love these so much! That said, I should have exchanged for a smaller size as they are very loose (but the correct size according to the print out chart). So be really careful with sizing...once you get them, you won't want to exchange them if they're wrong... (Posted on 1/20/18)
Husband loves them (and I want some too!) Review by DC
These were the one and only Christmas present I got for my husband, so I was hoping they'd be great, and...he's totally smitten with them! Warm, comfortable, high quality...what more could you want in a slipper? I want a pair now, too! Shipping was fast and I was delighted that there was a pair of size 13's in stock. Thank you, Elves! (Posted on 1/19/18)
Little clouds on my bare feet Review by Jane
Very delightful and minimal. (Posted on 1/7/18)
lovelovelove Review by rivka
at first i debated whether i should order the fireside slippers i was afraid i wouldn't be comfy standing around my kitchen on the tiled floor. i'm glad hubby insisted i get them. i absolutely love them. the only downside I never want to take them off! they are well made warm and so comfy. I need a pair for my baby to, poor girls toes are always cold. (Posted on 1/4/18)
Warm, soft, attractive, well-made Review by Cindy
I LoveLoveLOVE these slippers! They're as well-made and attractive as my other Softstar shoes, and so very soft and warm. Thank you! (Posted on 1/2/18)
The Last Slippers You'll Buy Review by The Last Slippers You'll Buy
Luxuriously hand crafted! Unbelievably comfortable; made to keep your feet warm and dry. The leather is butter soft and supple. The sheepskin is of much higher quality than nationally famous brands you may have tried in the past. I'll never buy slippers anywhere else again. My husband keeps stealing mine from under my side of the bed so I'll need to buy another pair. These are not for outdoor use. (Posted on 12/23/17)
How did I live without these? Review by FMN
I put them on as soon as I get home so I can enjoy their wonderful softness. (Posted on 12/20/17)
Sooooft, feather light & the best moccasins ever Review by Miriam
I usually wear a 5 1/2 shoe size and using the size guide I'm a 6U. Once I received my Fireside moccasins, tried them on without socks and it fits really well. The description "feather-light, impossibly cozy slipper of your dreams" is right on! This is the best moccasins/house shoes I've ever had and my kids like to wear them too! Do yourself a favor and get you a pair. (Posted on 11/5/17)
Fantastic and made in the US Review by Skelly
Absolutely love em! These are my indoor, winter, wood stove going, cat on my lap, and cup of coffee favorites. Plus, people skilled craftsman in the US make them. Win/Win!! (Posted on 10/26/17)
I did not get to wear them Review by Olga
My 11 year-old son got hold of my newly arrived slippers, and that's the last I saw of them ;) (Posted on 3/28/17)
perfect Review by Kevin
finally the perfect slipper. not too narrow, easy on, without slipping off, softest wool, leather throughout, not just the top, sole too. (Posted on 3/21/17)
a hug for your feet Review by ds
I love how lightweight and flexible these are! They keep my feet warm without hindering their movement, and the soft, snuggly interior is about the most decadent thing I've ever felt. (Posted on 2/16/17)
Great Comfort and durability Review by Kim
I love all of my soft star shoes!!! My slippers are so comfy and warm. They are easy to put on and feel so nice! I am into Earthing and love to wear my leather bottomed shoes as often as possible! (Posted on 2/11/17)
Best slippers ever! Review by Card
These slippers were my big Christmas gift, and I absolutely love them! I live in Wisconsin, and my feet are often cold (but not anymore!). My previous slippers had holes in them, and I was overdue for a new pair. These are by far the warmest slippers I have ever owned! They were molded to my feet within days and were totally worth the money. Thank you, Softstar, for making such a great product! (Posted on 2/9/17)
Soooo soft. Soothing for the sole and soul! Review by Shawna
Have them on now. Like a huge and wonderful hug from gargantuan great granny, except without the weight. They are the lightest slipper I have ever had! Love wearing them as I curl up on the couch. Incredibly pampering! Thank you Soft Star for creating ultimate comfort for the feet! (Posted on 1/31/17)
Great Quality. No nasty chemicals! Review by Jason
What a relief to find a beautifully crafted product and without the chemicals. We love them! (Posted on 1/23/17)
Absolutly fabulous Review by Jack
Purchased for my Daughter for Christmas. She absolutely loves them.
I am saving so I can buy them for myself. (Posted on 1/23/17)
Great fitting warm slipper Review by Karly
These slippers are very comfortable and fit nicely. So far the have not stretched out. (Posted on 1/17/17)
perfect winter comfort Review by happy in the cold north
have been eyeing these slippers as soon as soft star announced their debut. i hinted to my husband that they would be a great christmas gift for me, since they're a bit pricey...but definitely worth it, now that i've been wearing them for a few weeks! their softness and toasty lining are just what is needed for winter in scandinavia, where the temps are below 0C. wish i could wear them everywhere! (Posted on 1/14/17)
Wonderful! Review by Karel
I didn't order these right away because the price, for slippers, was high (especially in ever-shrinking Canadian dollars). I gave in primarily thanks to all the rave reviews. Now that I have them, I'm only sorry I waited until mid-way through the winter. They are so warm and so soft and my feet are so happy. (Posted on 1/14/17)
Amazing Product from an Amazing Company Review by Sarah
I LOVE my Sheepskin Slippers! Katy Bowman turned me on to Soft Star, and ever since my Honey bought me my first pair, nothing else have ever compared. These slippers do not disappoint. They are soft, cozy, easy to slip on, and even look great with everything that I wear. Can't wait to try out all the others! (Posted on 1/11/17)
Soft, warm, comfy and cozy Review by Judith R.
I bought these slippers for my boyfriend for Christmas and he LOVES them!!! His feet are always cold and these were the answer to his fridge tootsies; So soft, warm, comfy and cozy! These are actually the second pair I have purchased for him. I also bought two different inserts for his older slippers. A few years ago I was looking for slippers made in the good ol' US OF A and was so happy to find you on line! Your customer service has always been a bonus to your superior product! Thank you! Happy New Year! (Posted on 1/1/17)
Perfect for finicky feet! Review by Melissa
I bought these as a gift for my husband, who typically ruins a pair of slippers per year with his smellier-than-average feet. These seemed like a great option because of the replaceable sheepskin insoles. He loves them even more than I thought because he said 1) they're REALLY cozy, and 2) they're the first slippers he's ever owned that keep his feet at just the right temperature...and keep his feet from sweating and stinking.

Note from the Elves: Thanks Melissa for such a nice review! Real sheepskin hides like the ones we use are naturally homeostatic - meaning they keep your feet at an even temperature - and they breathe! Most "genuine" sheepskin footwear products sold by big companies today are actually sheared sheep (the fluffy part) that is then blown into a textile-grid base. If you take some of those famous name boots under the microscope you will see that the "genuine" sheep is actually knit into a synthetic textile. While you get the nice feel of "real" sheepskin, you lose the homeostatic and breathability properties of unaltered sheepskin hides. You also lose the lightweight and flexible nature. So glad your husband noticed this - it is a subtle but important difference in our shoes. (Posted on 12/28/16)
Amazing Review by DC
These are amazingly soft and comfortable, it's so hard to describe. I got a size 9 because that's what I wear in the Phoenix and I hate tight slippers, but they are too big. They work great for me right now since I'm pregnant. My husband is excited to take them over for next winter and I will buy a smaller size. So Elves please don't stop making them because I NEED another pair next year. Best thing to happen to my feet ever. (Posted on 12/28/16)
Best Slippers Ever! Review by Brett
I have to say that I'm not a slipper guy - never have been. I'm cursed with the family hot feet (my dad slept with his feet outside the covers, even in winter). When my son asked for these for his birthday, I thought he was crazy to want $120 slippers, until I tried them on. They are truly amazing! I ordered myself a pair, and then my wife tried mine on and guess what - yes, I just ordered her pair. They are so well made and comfortable. Customer service is outstanding as well. Can't recommend these highly enough! (Posted on 12/20/16)
Great slipper ! Review by Nancy J.
This slipper is so comfortable and warm (Posted on 12/8/16)
So Comfy and Cozy Review by Linda
I love my slippers...I got the same size I wear in the ballet flats and they are perfect. So snugly warm without being too hot. I wear them all the time when I am home. (Posted on 12/3/16)
Ditto on previous comments Review by Robert
I agree with the other reviewers. Great slippers. The only thing I'd mention for elf consideration is maybe an elastic connection at the front of the cuff. (Posted on 12/1/16)
Best slippers, best service! Review by Rach
These slippers are perfection. True to size (I printed the size chart and measured), ridiculously comfortable, and VERY warm. You will not regret purchasing them! I also can't say enough about the customer service I received- I emailed the elves to ask if I should size up for wearing thick socks, and they responded quickly with a thorough response to my question. (In a word- no. Not unless you measure at the very very top of your size on the chart.) They were right- I have plenty of room and my toes are wiggling freely! (Posted on 11/13/16)
Like a soft hug for your feet Review by Richard
I bought a pair for my wife and a pair for me. We haven't taken them off since they arrived!

Incredibly light -- a fraction of the weight of my old slippers -- wonderfully cosy, and I love that the insole is replaceable when it wears out. Perfect! (Posted on 10/28/16)
World's best slipper! Review by Minimalist shoe lover
These are literally everything I've ever wanted in a slipper! Thank you, Soft Star! These slippers have: a totally flat sole so I'm not stepping on the inseam of the slipper at all which makes me very happy; gorgeous finishing details that I think will also make them more durable slippers in terms of holding up to wear; complete fur lining but are light as a feather as advertised; some structure to them but remain flexible and comfy like moccasins. I highly, highly recommend these as warm cozy high quality slippers! (Posted on 10/27/16)

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