Adult Ballerine Flat - Smooth Black

The most comfortable minimalist ballet flat in the world! Simple and elegant, this all-occasion, handcrafted slipper will have you dancing through your day!

Check out the Ballerine sizing video below for tips on finding the best fit for your feet!

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Price $150.00
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Say au revoir to rigid, uncomfortable ballet flats! With its classic lines and impeccable fit, the Ballerine is the most elegant way to go barefoot. This chic, ultra-versatile style transitions effortlessly from the morning bike commute to the conference room, while still leaving you with enough spring in your step for dinner and dancing on the weekends. Heck, some Softstar fans even go running in them! Handcrafted with our premium leather uppers, a stretchy trim on the front and sides secures the shoe gently to your foot. Our flexible Vibram soles provide traction with a natural minimalist step, and a heavenly-soft suede innersole provides all-day comfort. Effortlessly stylish in basic Black, these light and cozy Ballerines will quickly take center stage in your wardrobe!

  • Handcrafted in USA from responsibly-sourced, premium domestic leathers
  • Designed to be lightweight and fit easily in your purse or carry-on
  • Gently elasticized leather collar trim for easy on/off
  • Comfortable heel
  • Flexible 4mm Vibram Cherry sole provides traction and protection

Check out this video for tips on finding the best Ballerine size for your feet:

Customer Reviews

A feminine casual/dress shoe that's actually comfortable! Review by A
I have very wide feet, prefer "barefoot style" shoes, and my big toe is longer than my other toes. Finding feminine shoes, other than sandals, is a nightmare. High heels and flats alike are usually very painful for me. I normally wear a 7.5 wide, and I got the 6 wide ballerines. They fit great! No break-in time necessary for me. And they look good with dresses, skirts, ankle length pants, and jeans. I think this is as close to barefoot as I can get and still look nice at more formal and professional occasions. I've only had them a few weeks so I can't speak to the longevity, but I'd be willing to do some maintenance and re-gluing to keep these shoes going a long time. I don't plan to wear them for long walks and hikes, I have plenty of other shoes for that. These are totally worth the investment to finally have a comfortable pair of "dress up" shoes. (Posted on 2/28/18)
Comfortable but not durable Review by SCA
I bought my pair in September 2016 as a birthday present to myself. There was about a week break-in period for my heel skin to thicken, which was fine because that’s pretty much how shoes are for me. Then, they were the most comfortable shoes I owned. I wore them 3-4 days a week to work, on hikes, running errands. Towards the beginning of summer 2017 the heels and toes began developing holes, but I kept wearing them because they’re so comfortable! By the end of 2017, the holes had gotten bigger and the vibram sole started separating from the shoe. Now I only wear them about once a week, and I can’t wear them if it’s raining or I’ll be hiking near water because water gets into the holes. How long are these shoes supposed to last? It’s a shame to retire them because the rest of the shoe is good- no wearing anywhere else, and the sole is hardly worn at all. Not even a donation charity will take them now, I’m afraid. I don’t think I’ll be reordering- but what a lovely show while they lasted! (Posted on 2/16/18)
Amazing shoes, but the glue doesn't hold up well. Review by Dusty
I'm on my 7th pair of these shoes. I love them. I always assumed that the reason the glue starts falling off in the first few months of wear was because the leather cleaner I used wasn't compatible with the glue. I finally decided to buy the leather cleaner sold by soft star to get more wear out of my shoes before the glue separates. With the last pair, I was careful not to get them wet and only used the approved cleaner, but the glue still started falling off after only a couple of months. I was so disappointed that I haven't replaced them yet and not sure if I will. I really do love these shoes, but can't justify the price (especially with Canadian exchange rate) if they don't even last a year.

Note from the Elves: Thanks Dusty for your review! Please note the thin band of glue around the perimeter of the sole does not have any function with regards to the durability of the bond. If a thin strip starts to come off with wear, you can pull it off and there will be NO impact the durability of the true bond between the Vibram sole and midsole. (Posted on 2/8/18)
A good alternative Review by Ebony
These are definitely cute, and the raised heel cover design is functional for keeping the shoe on. This is the only ballerina that will fit me. That being said, it is a ballerina, it is not a toe spreading friendly shoe. So if you like or need something "traditionally feminine" this is perfect. It feels well made and will stay on my feet, but I can still easily slip them off at my desk and stretch my toes out. If they hold up for the next couple summers I will be happy about the price tag. As of now, its too soon to tell for durability. (Posted on 1/16/18)
Extremely Comfortable Shoes Review by Breanna
This is my first pair of Softstar shoes, but it won't be my last. As quick as I can get the money saved up I intend to order some cold-weather shoes. These ballet flats are seriously the most comfortable, high-quality shoes I've ever owned! Unlike some other barefoot/minimalist shoes, these truly do feel almost as comfortable and flexible as bare feet--and they look elegant. Great job, Elves! (Posted on 1/3/18)
Ballerines Are Great for Guys, Too! Review by Essgkay
I received my black Ballerines in Size 11/12 in just a few days, so the service was swift. Upon opening the package, I was impressed with the carefully wrapped shoes and the cloth tote bag. Nice touch! As for the shoes, it wasn't love at first sight. The shoes were in a folded configuration and when unfolded, the top of the front of each shoe was flat against the insole, so there was hardly any room to slip my feet in. I was disappointed at that, but withheld judgment until I wore them for a while. However, in just two days of breaking them in, I have warmed up to these shoes tremendously and they are super comfortable now. I have worn them a lot the past two days and have enjoyed the sensational comfort. The buttery soft leather is very high quality, the elfsmanship is first class, and I am now delighted with my purchase. Durability remains to be seen, but I have every confidence I will not be disappointed. Thank you, Softstar, for making Ballerines for men and women. It's really great to have a company recognize that guys also love and wear ballet flats! My wife likes them on me, too! (Posted on 12/25/17)
Great shoes, will wear out too quickly to justify price Review by T
Comfortable, wide toe box, and they stay on.. a really nice shoe. I wanted to love them. They are very cute, too. But they are not going to last. Nor should they - they are a minimal shoe. but if I only wear it on rare occasion, then why not wear a mainstream shoe? and if I wear it regularly, and let's say this shoe lasts 3 months, that's $1760 per year. That's not sustainable. We are willing to pay more, but not that much. My big toe pushes up on one spot, and I know there would be a hole there very soon. I wore these once so far, and I the whole time I was afraid of wearing a hole in them. Really not worth the price tag. :( I wanted so bad for there to be a minimal shoe company that is making it. Vivobarefoot makes bad shoes. Merrell is alright (though their options seem to be dwindling). This price tag is really a shame.

Note from the Elves: Thanks T for your review. Please write back after you start wearing them and let us know how they hold up. We hope you will be pleasantly surprised. (Posted on 12/5/17)
Great quality materials and craftsmanship BUT heel too high and wide Review by Nicolette
This is my first pair of Ballerines, and I've been wearing them for just over a week, and overall I do love them. It is nice to have a healthy alternative that still looks good.

My main concern is the heel, which is too wide and comes up too high. I'm not the first to notice this - several reviewers have mentioned the heel design. Here is an excerpt from another review: "I know from all the research I did before making this purchase that Soft Star raised the heel because of customer feedback. I wonder if it wouldn’t be worthwhile to have two custom options for this shoe: one design for those who would want the higher heel design, and another design for those who prefer the heel piece of leather to be lower, meeting the sole of the shoe without the extra leather from the body of the shoe boosting the height of the heel."

That is exactly right!. Without the amount of leather boosting the height of the heel, the fit would be bang on. I can probably add in some heel wedges, and I still may, but it seems silly to pay for premium zero-drop shoes, and then add in a drop. In my case, the higher elastic in the back is cutting (slightly, but still) into my achilles, and the back of the shoe is already starting to get squished down, which is unattractive and will eventually lead to excess wear and tear.

I had such high hopes for these shoes, and I still gave them 4 stars because of the overall quality of materials and workmanship. As a woman with large feet, I deeply appreciate the range of sizes available at Soft Star. I think this is a great company, and I want to make them my go-to shoe provider. In my mind, I had thought that I would be ordering more pairs right away, once I had confirmed the fit of my first pair. Instead, I'm now going to wait and see how the shoes wear over the next while. In the meantime, I'm back to searching the internet for alternatives, which is really not what I want to do.

On a final note, I find the $150US price tag expensive, but reasonable, if the shoes fit and wear well! Canadians do need to be aware that the converted price is closer to $200CAD, and I was charged a hefty border fee on delivery. The shoes arrived with a NAFTA sticker, which I would have thought would exempt me from paying duty, but it did not. So at around $250CAD, these are very expensive if you live north of the border.

Note from the Elves: Thank you Nicolette for your review~! We will take your feedback into account if we do any design updates. We have tried lower heels in our prototypes and unfortunately they did not stay on very securely... but we are always open to trying again. Please note the NAFTA sticker to Canada should have exempted you from paying duty - most of our Canadian customers have reported no duties and by law it should be exempt - but you may need to call it to the attention of the customs official as it may be something they have not encountered previously. (Posted on 11/18/17)
Problem solved Review by Kim
I have super wide feet - 5E in other brands! So, it's been a struggle to find some simple flats that were wide enough but still flexible. When I do find shoes in other brands that are wide enough, they are often stability shoes which then cause knee pain because they mess with my gait.

Ballerines are amazing! I can see a lot more of these in my future. My toes have room to spread out, but the shoes don't fall off. I got my regular size and they've stretched out perfectly. I recently added some sheepskin insoles so I can keep wearing them as the temperature drops this winter.

Pure love. (Posted on 11/12/17)
Comfortable, perfect Review by Almuth
I bought this pair for my college daughter who needs black flats for her choir concerts, plus to dress up frequently. She loves them! They are super-comfortable, cushion enough from the hard floors on which she stands for concerts, and are snug and yet comfortable, like a well-fitting glove for the feet. They look great on her feet, and she loves wearing them even while walking longer distances. (Posted on 10/20/17)
I love these! Review by Leslie
I never write reviews for anything but these are so special it is an experience I'm happy to share. I did my best to measure and I've always worn a size 7 and an occasional 7 1/2. I ordered the 7 and, guess what, it was too big. The people at Softstar were so nice! I returned the 7 and in very short order I got the size 6. They are perfect in size and in shape. They flatter my feet because the shape is so good. And, they were comfortable right away. I'm sure I'll order a pair in another color. (Posted on 10/17/17)
Good once I figured out the fit... but not sure I'd order again with price hike! Review by SarahP
I bought a pair of these to wear with my Correct Toes. I used the guide to determine my size (9), then ordered a 9 wide. They fit in the toe box, but were much too big on the sides - they were dragging a bit on the ground. I tried a size 9 regular but the toe box was too small. I finally tried a size 10 regular and they fit great! They really do feel like slippers and I'm so happy with them.

That said, I liked these so much that I went back to order a neutral pair in Latte, which I had seen a few months ago and was shocked at the price! The basic black flat is now $30 more, and since the Latte ballet flat is no longer available, I'd have to do a custom shoe to get it, which would make it $50 more than it was just a few months ago! I understand that prices sometimes need adjustments upward, but those are so pretty hefty price increases and given them, I'm not sure I'll be adding another pair anytime soon. Please, Soft Star, revisit your pricing! (Posted on 10/12/17)
Most comfortable flat I have ever owned! Review by Kristy
I knew when I put these on that they were definitely worth the investment. They fit incredibly well and still have enough room in the toe box which is sometimes an issue for me with flats. I cannot wait to get another pair in a different colour to add to my collection. I ordered based on the sizing chart and had to return my first pair. I am typically an 8 but I came out a nine after measuring. The size 9's were too big and the 8's fit just right. (Posted on 10/4/17)
A Fan! Review by Elyse
Finally there is a pretty and comfortable shoe that can be worn to work! These felt like slippers right out of the box. My first pair was black and then I immediately ordered a neutral ballet flat as well. I rounded the size up to account for my slightly wide feet and it fit perfectly. These are the first barefoot shoes I've found that look like normal shoes. I particularly like the footbed. (Posted on 10/3/17)
Almost Perfect Review by Krista
I bought these 9 months ago and have worn them almost daily for those 9 months. For the first few wears of them, I had the issue others have had with the rubbing on my heal, but I suffered through it for a week or two until my heels developed some thicker skin. After the short "wear-in" period, I can say that these have been my absolute favorite shoe, and I have worn them almost exclusively.

Unfortunately, after 9 months, the side of one of the heals just developed a hole where the leather rubbed on the ground due to how my feet fit the shoes (see other reviews). I was really hoping these shoes would last me a full year, but 9 months of almost exclusive wear is still acceptable, in my opinion.

I just came to purchase another pair, and I see they have gone up $30 since I last purchased 9 months ago. The original price point was already on the high side for my budget, but it was well worth it because I loved them so much. The $30 increase is really making me pause on purchasing a second pair especially if I don't get a full year of wear, though. (Posted on 9/23/17)
Great Shoe Review by Cathy
Very comfortable. I ordered the wide for the room in toe box and there is a little too much room in the heel. However the shoe grips in the back so does not fall off. Will order in other colors. (Posted on 9/20/17)
Great, sturdy shoe Review by Rebecca
Very well made and the most comfortable pair of minimalist flats I've ever tried on. I read a lot of reviews that said to size up, but I found these fit better when a little snug. Love them. (Posted on 9/5/17)
Needs design modifications Review by CCS
Like some other reviewers, I have been disappointed by the way the heel has “collapsed” and is now bunching down at the sole. This part of the leather is wearing away at a faster rate than the rest of the shoe because it’s scraping against the floor/ground whenever I walk. For me, it didn’t take a full season of wearing the shoe for this to happen, but only a few months’ wear. I took very good care of these shoes, babying them so they weren’t caught in the rain, etc.

I know from all the research I did before making this purchase that Soft Star raised the heel because of customer feedback. I wonder if it wouldn’t be worthwhile to have two custom options for this shoe: one design for those who would want the higher heel design, and another design for those who prefer the heel piece of leather to be lower, meeting the sole of the shoe without the extra leather from the body of the shoe boosting the height of the heel.

They are comfortable shoes. But given the amount of wear (in such a short time), they no longer have the versatility of a dress up/dress down shoe. I wanted to love these, but unless the lower-heel option returns, I won’t be buying these again. I'm willing to spend money on the right shoe. This is too much for a shoe that doesn't hold up. Sorry! (Posted on 8/17/17)
ballet flats Review by Tim
Being a male with a ballet dance hobby ,I have spent many years in flats and slippers. After purchasing your ballet flats I found them to be the most comfortable I have owned. The elves were nice to deal with and I will be buying more thank you! Tim
(Posted on 7/20/17)
Best Ballerina Flats Ever Review by Kaitlyn
These handmade black flats are worth every dime. Incredibly comfortable and great for work, play and travel. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and I'll definitely be buying them again. (Posted on 7/18/17)
The best ballet flat I have ever worn! Review by Sarah
I went back and forth between buying Soft Stars and buying an equally priced competitor's ballet flat. I ended up buying both, and from the very first moment I put on the Ballerines I was in love. I sent the competitor's pair back the same day I put the ballerine on. It is like wearing slippers to work. So comfortable and soft on my feet. I love how classic the styling is, and the quality is amazing. They are soft and fun to wear. I have already ordered a red pair.

One thing... they tell you that unless you usually need a wide width the regular will probably be best, and it is true. The wide were very wide. My feet are a usually too wide for ballet flats, but the regular fit me perfectly. I also ordered the wide and returned them as the regular width was best. (Posted on 6/24/17)
Amazing shoes for problematic feet Review by Mel
It is almost impossible for me to find feminine shoes that fit. I have wide balls-of-feet and narrow heels, and accessory naviculars sticking out of my feet. I got these in wide width and my feet stay in the shoes comfortably while allowing my toes to stretch out. They look normal and not orthopedic, which is refreshing. Size down -- I am a 8 and a half - 9 in normal shoes, and the 8U's wides were too big on me. I had to exchange them for the 7U's wides, which fit well. These are fantastic shoes for my weird feet. I have never been able to comfortably wear ballet flats before -- this is the first pair that neither squishes my toes nor slips off my heels. (Posted on 6/19/17)
My #1 Shoe Review by Kase
I had searched for a great flat for years and wasn't happy with the fit and comfort of any I'd found. These are by far my favorite shoes ever! I have a few other Soft Star shoes, and I adore them all. The ballerina flats are my #1. I purchased them originally for work, but I'll be buying a second pair for work shoes and keeping this first pair for everyday wear. Unless there's snow or rain, these are my go-to shoes. (Posted on 6/16/17)
Good, but not my favorite Review by Melissa
I am a size 10.5 and wear size 10U in most other SS styles I own, such as Merry Janes, Metros, and Elk Roo Mocs. (My Metros are my absolute favorites!) Because of the half-size, I decided to ignore the sage advice to size up and ordered my normal SS size in these. I was so worried they would stretch out like my other pairs have and that they would be unusable without some kind of strap. Since I am always going to be wearing them without socks, I wanted them to be a more snug fit. Well, snug is what I got. In hindsight, I should've ordered both 10U and 11U and returned the one that didn't fit. The 10U were so snug as to be uncomfortable at first, and even after wearing them with socks around the house to stretch them, it has taken a full 3 weeks of off-and-on wear for them to be comfy. The toenail on my right big toe still presses on the top of the right shoe, since that foot is a tad bit larger.
Overall, I'm still not sorry I purchased these. They have never caused blisters, and beyond the first wear, any discomfort in the heel area at all. They don't slip at all. They are cute and I have had several compliments on them. They are a tad dressier than my other pairs of SS shoes, and don't look quite so unusual, so I prefer them if I am needing to fit in somewhere for work. I will try the 11U next time, possibly with the sport closure, so they will hopefully be comfortable from the start.
(Posted on 6/13/17)
These shoes are a dream Review by Sara
I am so in love with these shoes. They are chic and unbelievably comfortable. The fit snugly, like a ballet slipper, but they have plenty of room for my whole foot, including toe spread. Every time I put them on, I'm so happy. I'm going to order more pairs as my bank account allows. I ordered one size down from my usual Soft Star size. When I first put them on, I was worried. The toe box was tight on my larger foot. But I had faith and wore them for short periods, and after about a week, they fit perfectly. I didn't get the strap, but they do not slip off. They're great for dancing. I'm never wearing high heels for a dressy occasion again. (Posted on 6/13/17)
Lovely Shoes Review by Rebecca
I've been transitioning to barefoot and the ballerina flats are my first true barefoot shoe. I was nervous to order based on all the different reviews. My printer didn't print the sizing guide correctly so I measured my feet. I usually wear a 9 or 9 1/2 and based on the reviews and my foot measurement, I decided to go with a 9U. In the end, they fit just a wee bit snug on my toe but I didn't need to wear thick socks to stretch them. After a day of wearing them they fit perfectly. I've been wearing zero drop Altras, so I was used to zero drop with a cushion. So it took me a couple weeks to ease into wearing these. But now that i'm accustomed to barefoot, they are really comfortable and I prefer to wear these shoes. I will definitely be buying more! (Posted on 6/12/17)
Love! Review by Heather
I am currently on my 3rd pair of Ballerines and I absolutely love them. They are cute and dressy and comfortable. My very first pair is now 3 years old - they are still oh so comfy, but the perforated leather is finally starting to tear in some spots after 3 years of 3 season use - they have now been downgraded to rainy day camping shoes. I bought my second pair in the same size and keep them just for special dress up occasions - I do find them quite a bit tighter and not quite as comfortable as my originals - I am assuming that is due to less frequent wearing. I've had my latest pair for just over a month. This time I opted for 1 size larger with the sports strap. The fit is comfy, although I do find them quite a bit hotter with the sports strap than without. I'll see how much they stretch out with wear, but probably will skip the sports strap next time. Definitely my go to shoe though! (Posted on 5/18/17)
Absolutely awesome. I ordered another pair in a different colour within a week. Review by Marie
These are the most comfortable, best made shoes ever. And the Elves are great too! (Posted on 4/27/17)
Just what I was looking for Review by Rachel
I've been living in minimalist shoes and sandals for almost a year, and loving the ground-feel and flexibility. But my existing shoes weren't very feminine-looking - I'd sacrificed style for comfort. My new Ballerines are by far my prettiest pair of minimalist footwear. The flexibility and ground-feel are great, but they do sacrifice toe-splay room compared to my other shoes and sandals. But the leather of my Ballerines is nice and soft, and to have a pair of more feminine shoes is worth the more form-fitting fit. (I chose to stay with my regular size, knowing they might be tight at first. They stretched quickly as promised when I wore them around the house with thick socks.) I do worry about how soon they'll wear out, since the leather is so thin. Some reinforcing on the toe might have been good. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase. (Posted on 4/24/17)
Perfect shoes Review by Jill
I love my new softstars. I am selling all of my high heeled shoes and shoes without room in the toe box for toes to splay. I am a yoga practitioner and am very aware of the health of my feet. I am 51 and noticed the start of a bunion on my left foot a few years ago. So that is one reason I will only wear "correct toes" shoes. These feel like slippers but I think they look very elegant. They aren't warm enough if it's below 50 degrees outside though. That is the only downside. I highly recommend softstars for the health of your feet! (Posted on 4/22/17)
Gloriously Comfortable and Cute! Review by Veronica
It took a few tries to get the right size, but it was definitely worth the effort. In Softstar sizing, I wear a 7, preferably wide. In the balerina flats, a 9 regular fits the best. And now that I've found my perfect fit, I only want to remove them to walk barefoot. They look great with everything and I can go all day long with no foot pain. Actually I think the minimalist profile is helping my knee pain and my overall energy - no more tipping around in high heels for me. Thank you Softstar for making such a comfortable and cute shoe! (Posted on 4/19/17)
Size = short. :-( Review by d.
After ordering the adult mary jane in size 12, I decided to give these a shot. Whilst the flat in like size 12 is VERY comfy, they are just too short, way smaller in length than the MJ, which is very disappointing as that's the largest size available. I'd give 5 stars if sizing was an actual 12U (12 men/13 women) like the MJ was. Darn, I was excited to find a flat that fit, only to be let down. Is this the norm for the same size flat t0 be way smaller than the mary jane?

Note from the Elves: Dear d. Sorry to hear you are disappointed! The Ballerine does fit more snugly than the Mary Jane so it may feel smaller - but the lengths of all Soft Star shoes are graded the same. Wondering if it is possible we perhaps sent a pair with the wrong size tag? This does not happen often, but it is a possibility. Please reach out to our customer service elves at: so we can see if we can assist you. (Posted on 4/3/17)
I love them! Review by Wieke
I just bought my third pair of these shoes. I love everything about them! I agree that the heel is a little stiff in the beginning, but for me that went away within a week of wearing them. They are very comfortable, yet stylish enough for work. I bought my first pair two years ago and even though I have worn them a lot, they still look great. Definitely worth the money! (Posted on 3/22/17)
Don't have my size Review by Elizabeth
I wear size 10 1/2 US women's shoes. Softstar only has the size just above and the size just below. I have bought 2 pair of these- a soft star size 10 (too big) and a pair of size 9 (too small). I love how they look and the soft leather. If they came in my size they would be perfect. It's not pleasant to have to choose between huge shoes and ones that hurt my toes. I wear them every day and just keep hoping the leather will stretch out a little more. After about a month they still hurt a bit. (Posted on 2/1/17)
like the shoes but there are some things I wish were different Review by Laurie
I really like how the shoes are made and that they are handmade and leather. They are very comfortable, but I wish the toe box was a little wider and not as snug a fit to my toes. These are supposedly a wide width, but I don't know where the wide part comes in as it's not in the toe box or the heel. I also wish there were 1/2 size options as I think going up slightly in the shoe would solve this problem. They are not uncomfortable in any way or feel too tight. I would prefer they were a little longer and looser, i.e. wider toe box. I also wish that the sole came up a little higher so it would be around the leather on the bottom (comparing the design to vivobarefoot). My last wish is that these came in more color options, i.e. cranberry red, navy or brown, some decoration on the shoe to make it dressier such as a buckle or maryjane (don't like the elastic option seen on the website). (Posted on 2/1/17)
I wish they fit me better Review by Jocelyn
Alas, I am adding my voice to the ballerine naysayers. I read reviews from some people saying that the shoes rubbed their heels, but I wanted to believe it wouldn't happen to me. I'm so sad to say that I can't wear mine at all. When they first arrived I thought they looked fabulous and the fit seemed ok. I wore them out for a couple of hours and felt them pressing on my heel but it didn't seem too bad. Then I wore them for an entire day. By the end of the day I couldn't walk at all. This isn't a normal rubbing, which can be fixed by bandaids and calluses. Instead it's an intense pressure on the achilles tendon. My ankles ached terribly, long after I took the shoes off. I haven't worn the shoes since. It is especially upsetting for me since the shoes look beautiful! I will stick to my chukkas and run amoks (both of which I adore). (Posted on 1/20/17)
So BEAUTIFUL!! Review by JC
These truly are the best ballet flats I have ever worn. They look so pretty and delicate on your feet. I recently started wearing minimal shoes and needed something dressier to wear to work.. They were so comfortable from the first time I put them on. I wear a size 8 medium but I ordered the 8U in wide because I wear my toe separators with them. They are nice and roomy but they still stay on my feet easily, even without the toe separators. I love the high back and the leather is such high quality; nice and thick, but soft. I am saving my money so I can buy the terracotta next! I wish I could get a pair in every color! (I started to get plantars fasciaitis in the beginning from wearing these on hard surfaces because my feet weren't strong enough. However, it went away within a week or so). (Posted on 1/16/17)
Comfy, but break them in! Review by Katie
I ordered these shoes true to size. They were extremely tight when I first put them on, but leather stretches. Those first few days, I wore them in short burst with socks.

Now I wear them barefoot, and they are quite comfortable. The high heel in the back takes a little getting used to, but I understand the design -- the heel doesn't slip, and my toes don't try to subconsciously "hold" the shoe onto my foot.

I still prefer my RunAmocs for a truly "forget I'm wearing shoes" experience. But these are cute and a bit more versatile. All in all, a good purchase. (Posted on 12/16/16)
Great leather, weird shape Review by MLKett
I have to say, I was surprised by the weight of the shoe when I first pulled them out of the box! They're not heavy like work boots, but if you're used to trying on "normal" ballet flats of thin leather or synthetic materials, you will note how much more substantial these are. It's a good thing! The reinforcement at the toe and heel are great!

Now for the cons. The shape of the shoe from outside little toe to outside heel curves ever so slightly inward, like the foot tracing used for the sole was slightly pigeon-toed. This means I am walking on the outside of the heel *ALMOST* off the sole and the inside of the heel bunches and has extra sole/material that looks sloppy. The heels are wearing through because they drag and I'm not walking squarely on the sole. They are definitely a casual shoe, more like a slipper than the sophisticated ballet flat that I was hoping for. Sadly, I'll be purchasing my next pair of ballet flats from a different company. (Posted on 12/8/16)
Lovely, but wore out fast. Review by Kati
Let me start by saying these shoes are SO comfortable. Unfortunately, after wearing them for only a season, they've worn out at the heel. I can't afford to spend $120 on flats that last for only a season, so I'm looking elsewhere to buy my next flats. (Posted on 12/2/16)
nice, but... Review by Cheryll
Ok, so I want to love these, but I"m having the same problem many others have stated. First time wearing them out I had huge blisters on my heels and had to ask a store clerk for band aids. :( So painful. Hoping they will loosen up after wearing them with socks. 3 stars because I love that they're soft and well made, in Oregon!, but hope I'll be able to wear them, especially since they are so expensive. (Posted on 11/3/16)
My Favorite Shoe :) Review by Jeanne
I love, love, love these shoes! I have a very hard time finding shoes that don't hurt my bunions. I thought I was going to have to consider surgery because I was having so much foot pain wearing wide width and "comfort" brands like Birkenstock, Dansko, Keens, etc. After watching the sizing video I decided to size up and order a wide width. My Ballerines were a perfect fit right out of the box, with no break in period. I'm on my feet all day as a mom to three kids and an elementary art teacher. When I wear these adorable flats I don't have foot pain! <3 I'm so happy I ordered these shoes. The leather is soft and the shoes are really cute. I like that they can be dressed up or down and that they're made in the USA. I'll definitely be ordering more. Thank you Soft Star! :) (Posted on 10/23/16)
Love love love Review by Jenny
I absolutely love these shoes. They fit perfectly right out of the box. They are well made and made in The USA which is amazing. I seriously have worn my ballerine's everyday since I got them. Can not wait to pick out another pair! Love them and I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a comfortable ballet flat that can go from professional to dressy to casual! (Posted on 10/17/16)
Perfect for "barefoot business" wear Review by Krystal
I spent a long time trying out different shoes that would feel comfortable and "barefoot" without looking odd or downright ugly! These fit my requirements perfectly. They look nice, have enough toe space for a long-time barefooter, and best of all, feel great.

I was also very impressed with SoftStar's customer service as well. When I noticed an issue with the first pair and sent them an email including pictures, they were very prompt in sending out a replacement that has had no problems at all. (Posted on 10/8/16)
Super cute & AWESOME for my feet! Review by Kirsten S
Sometime over the last few years, despite always wearing flats (albeit not great-fitting ones), I've developed a bunion on one of my feet. So, I've been on the search for better-fitting (non-painful!) cute flats to wear for (business casual) work and found these! They look like completely normal, nice solid leather flats, and fit like a dream (even on my poor bunion!). I did go through a few iterations before I realized that the wide version of these shoes are really wide (they mean it when they say don't order the wide unless you always require wide shoes!), so even my bunion foot fits best in the normal width shoe. The best part is that my feet feel wonderful after wearing these exclusively for a while. I want to order a million more pairs of these, but know I won't have to because they're so well made and will last a long time! (Bittersweet.) Highly, highly recommend! (Posted on 10/7/16)
So Very Comfy! Review by Kelli
I have been wearing my Soft Star Ballerines for a week now and have to say they are the most comfy flat I've ever worn.
I work as a teacher's assistant in a PK classroom, I'm on my feet literally running around all day. I have worn many different brands of flats, which usually fall apart/develop holes in 6-9 months. It's also hard to find flats that are "bendable" and have thin flexible soles, or that don't rub my heel or squish my toes together.
I wear an 8 1/2 so ordered an 8(9womens). The first day I wore them to work and while they didn't rub anything raw or cause blisters, they weren't the most comfortable shoes in the world. My big toe nails hurt. I'm used to wearing minimal shoes/going barefoot, so my feet and leg muscles were totally fine. But the second day was so much better and by the third day I vowed to never wear any other brand of flats again! So great, comfy, cute, and wonderful quality! The high backs keep the shoe on my foot so securely, they fit like a dream. I was so impressed I have ordered a second pair, the custom flats in silver.
Thank you Soft Star Elves! (Posted on 9/30/16)
Good, but issues with heel Review by Tre
I've had my pair of ballerines for two years now. I also have the issue of the heel being too tall, so the material bunches down at the sole of the shoe. So within a year of having these, they developed holes in the material that bunches at the sole, from being worn down by floors/pavement. Now they look junky. The extra material at the heel also pushes my foot to the front of the shoe, causing my toes to not have enough space, but there is still a huge gap at the heel. I need a new pair of flats now so I'm going with a different brand this time.

Note from the Elves: Thanks Tre for the feedback. We are sorry they did not meet your needs. You are absolutely correct that our soft leather designs will not wear like synthetic materials, and after a season of regular use, the leather starts to wear or slouch. We designed the heels higher for comfort and functionality - when we tried lower cuts on the heel, the shoe did not stay on as securely. We appreciate feedback like yours to keep challenging us on how we can continue to improve as we move forward.
(Posted on 8/19/16)
Good quality shoe; odd sizing Review by sarahlynn007
I have annoying and painful bunions, which makes it a struggle buying shoes. I read a bunch of reviews on these and figured I'd give them a try. They are pretty expensive to me, but they seemed high quality and worth it due to my finnicky, painful feet. I wanted so much to love them.
I usually wear an 8 1/2 wide, but since there are no half sizes, I went with a 9 wide. They were enormous! Too long, and way too wide. It was a little hilarious when I tried them on; I looked like a clown. Not wanting to go through the hassle of returning them for a full size down in both length and width, I took them to a cobbler, who sadly told me he couldn't make them any smaller because of the elastic and that I should send them back for a whole size smaller. So I did. I ordered an 8 regular, and they fit ... bizarrely. They were just too small lengthwise that my toes felt a little crunched--not good for bunions. But in the heel, they are still oddly too wide, and there's this extra room in the heel that causes the leather to fold in, and looks really weird. I tried stretching them in the tow box, but that didn't work as much as I'd hoped. I feel like the needless extra room in the heel would be better allocated to making the toe box larger lengthwise (it's plenty wide enough. I feel a bit geriatric when standing next to my coworker in her little feminine Target flats). These shoes would be perfect if you just make them longer and more narrow in the heel and call them an 8 1/2. If you would do this, I would order more in other colors. They are very durable and high quality, but they crush my toes and have a freakishly wide heel. (Posted on 8/13/16)
Most comfortable shoes for all day and everyday Review by Lenka
The brand names describes it best. The shoes are soft. The shoes became the stars in my wardrobe. They are simple enough to wear with anything. And, most importantly they are very comfortable! (Posted on 7/22/16)
Excellent shoes Review by Barb
I have a very difficult time finding extra-wide shoes that fit as my bunion has gotten worse over the years. I got these shoes in wide and they are soo comfortable. The shoe irritated the top of my bunion on the first day, but putting lotion on my foot fixed that problem for a couple of days. Now the leather has stretched out, and I wear these every single day. I've gotten rid of my old shoes - clogs, birks, sandals... I feel much more active than when I wore stiff clunky arch supports. My bunion does not hurt any more and my knee doesn't hurt either (I had knee pain). The leather and the quality of work are very excellent. I love these shoes. (Posted on 7/22/16)
Best purchase Review by Allie
Holy cow.. I'll buy these three times over. Worth every penny (Posted on 7/1/16)
Love them! Review by Sarah
I'm on my second pair, and I just ordered my third pair as a DYO. These are the best ballet flats, hands down. And I've tried many, from department store brands, to name brands, to high end designer. The leather of these flats is amazing. The cut is elegant and stays on your foot perfectly. I wore my first pair almost daily for a year and a half--that is how comfortable and versatile they are. They eventually reached the point of no repair :) I feel like the price point is fair for the quality and made-in-USA construction. Thanks SSS for creating an excellent flat! (Posted on 6/28/16)
Genius! Review by Christine
It is so hard to find nice looking, minimalist, women's shoes, let alone something you can wear for any occasion, especially as a business professional. Even more so, ballet flats in general are hard fitting. They either dig into your heel or cut the bones of the big toe (killing your bunion if you have one). The Ballerine is a must have! I feel like I am floating or at least walking on carpet when I wear these shoes. I have only had them for a couple of weeks, and I am absolutely in love! It feels like these shoes have molded to my feet, with impressive ground feel. The leather is extremely soft. They don't dig into my heels at all but grip like a soft leather glove. The only downside is the initial break in with the big toe (like other reviewers). Since these shoes lay on top of your toe, your big toe will stick out and it does put a little pressure that can cause a some discomfort at the tip of the toenail. But have no fear! I wore these around twice with thick socks to stretch out the leather, and it worked beautifully. No issues! I will definitely be back for more in different colors! (Posted on 6/2/16)
Favorite Shoes! Review by rbee
Thank you so much for the fantastic customer service. I so appreciated the help finding the right fit for the ballerine shoe and my foot. I absolutely love these shoes. I will definitely be buying another pair at some point. They are the most comfortable and well fitting flat shoe I have ever worn. Thank you so much! (Posted on 5/18/16)
Love Love Love Review by Lunabri
So, I was terrified to purchase these when I saw the mixed reviews. I mean I have 2 pairs of the Mary Janes, and they captured my heart. I didn't know if these would be as comfy, or if they would dig into my foot or just not fit right. Anyway, I finally decided to take the plunge. I decided not to upsize too much. Well, when I first put them on they were tight! I was upset. So I wore them around the house all weekend. On Monday I wore them to work. OMG, they STOLE my heart! I felt like I had socks on all day at the office. Every step was pure effortless joy and comfort. When I got home that night I did not even want to take them off. I am so in love with these shoes. They are elegant, casual, and dressy all at once. They are perfect for grocery shopping, or going out to dinner. Seriously, do not refrain from purchasing these shoes for fear that they won't fit right. Try them for yourself. You may find shoe love!! (Posted on 5/18/16)
Awesome Flat Review by VAV
I have a lot of feet issues--achilles problems, high arches. Generally, I will not wear flats and will not wear even these every day. However, these are the most comfortable flats I have ever owned and I have had no achilles flare-ups or other issues while wearing them. (Posted on 5/10/16)
Started skeptical, now I'm in love! Review by ZephyrAK
Women with large feet, rejoice! Finally a high quality, totally comfortable flat that's good for work, for play, and for relaxing! I'm a women's 12 and these are some of the first flats I've ever owned that don't either squeeze my toes or fall off from poor construction.

I was super skeptical when I first put them on- my toes were cramped, the back dug into my heel, and the top seam was stiff. I wore them around the house with two pairs of socks on for an evening, and that helped the toes/seam a lot, but I've always had trouble with the backs of shoes digging into my achilles, and it was still an issue with these.

Knowing that I couldn't return them easily, I stuck out a few more days, a few more double layers of socks... and now even the heel has softened just enough to be comfortable, not so much that it slips. For day to day office and errands these are my absolute favorite shoes!

They did turn my toes black for about a week, and they don't breathe particularly well in the heat, but all of that was to be expected.

Note from the Elves: Thanks for the detailed review and we're so glad you're happy with your shoes. Just a note about the return policy-we do take returns and exchanges on shoes in like new condition, even those that you designed yourself! (Posted on 5/3/16)
Perfect fit Review by Persephone
I spend 90% of my time either barefoot our wearing sandals so I wanted a pair of dressy barefoot shoes. I normally wear a size 8 shoe and the size 8u was perfect. I suffer from ingrown toenail pain and these gave me no issue at all, the toe box is just right and I had no issue with ankle rubbing like other flats I've owned. These shoes are the next best thing to being barefoot and look great too! (Posted on 4/13/16)
Comfortable and cute! Review by Tanveer
Love these shoes. They stay on my feet securely and are great for office as well as for weekend wear. (Posted on 2/28/16)
Great Fit! Review by Anna
These shoes have a great fit and are very comfortable.I have had them for 2 months now and I wear them almost every day. I am a little disappointed with the durability considering the price. The glue around the shoe's sole started peeling off by the second week and just isnt holding up like I expected. They do look and feel great however and I would definitely buy again. I am a single mom on a budget, so I do not usually spend this much on shoes for myself. So that being said- durability is the reason I did not give it 5 stars.

Note from Elves: Thanks Anna for your feedback! We want to assure you this will not impact the longevity or effectiveness of the bond between the sole and the shoe. When the sole is heated and adhered, sometimes a small bead of glue will be visible along the perimeter of the rubber sole. This glue bead will come off with wear/friction, but the bond between the rubber sole and shoe will not be impacted. Nevertheless, we understand your concern and how it would raise an alarm with your new shoes. Usually the most vulnerable durability of the ballerine is the soft leather itself around the heel where it touches the ground. Because it is genuine leather and not a more abrasive resistant textile, you will notice that over time it will become worn near the heel. This natural wear should happen gradually over the life of the shoe and should not impact its wearability or comfort. (Posted on 1/24/16)
Heel too high Review by sheri
As owner of several soft star shoes I have to say I'm a little disappointed with the fit. On these the heel counter is so high that I have to wear them with an inner soul as many other people have mentioned. If you to fix this problem I'd buy a pair and every color (Posted on 1/3/16)
too narrow at tip of toes, height too low at big toe Review by looking for truly natural shoes for a business casual environment
These shoes are made with high quality materials, and the sole is very comfortable and moves with the foot. Also love that they are made in USA.

1. The toebox width is not as natural as claimed. They should be widest at the tip of the toes rather than the ball of the foot. This is not the case-- look at their own picture of the model in the shoes from a bird's eye view

2. The height of the upper at the big toe is absurdly low. They caused a little red mark in the skin underneath my toenail from the downward pressure on my toenail (which was cut short), that stayed for weeks. I had to stretch them out with a stack of quarters and cotton balls, which was an imperfect job. I didn't want to stretch out the whole toebox area, so this was difficult. I am sure no one's big toe is that low-- mine doesn't rise higher than my little toes. They should put more material there or pre-stretch it. Perhaps this is similar to reviews complaining of the Phoenix boot pinching their toes. Uggs don't have the problem, and they use real sheepskin too. I shouldn't have to injure my feet for shoes that are claimed to be natural.

3. A little plastic seam or strip where the upper meets the sole came off within a few days of wearing. They are still functional though.

By the way, my feet are size 7.5 US and totally normal, perhaps on the narrow side of normal (though I don't order narrow shoes) (Posted on 12/18/15)
Super comfy Review by SachaAnn
I am so happy I bought these. They are buttery-soft and still super durable. I have walked all over with them, spilled stuff on them, accidentally scraped over them with doors and rocks. I know I tend to drag shoes through tough environments, so I did apply a layer of waterproofing beeswax to give them a little more protection. I can slip my feet in to them as slippers around the house in the morning and keep them on all through the day. I can walk miles in these shoes and my feet are happy. Thanks elves for making a dainty little shoe for my wide feet that can handle my adventures! (Posted on 11/6/15)
LOVE them Review by Lorena
I've ordered quite a number of pairs from Softstar including: dash's, original RunAmoc, merry jane's, and monogrammed moccasins. I've been very happy with each pair. I've ordered them all in a 7U wide and they've all fit perfectly. After watching the video about the flats and their sizing however, I decided to order the 7U in regular width and they fit great. I wore them for the first time tonight and they are honestly the comfiest shoes by far! I will definitely be ordering more in different colors. I could not be happier! (Posted on 8/9/15)
Love! Review by Renee
The ballerine instantly became my favorite shoes! They're super comfortable, easily packable for travel and looks great with anything. I need these in more colors. (Posted on 7/25/15)
Great flats, esp for wide feet Review by Tanya
Great flats! I'm usually a size 8-8.5 (wideee, very wide). Been mostly in "barefoot style shoes" for years now, because for once my toes can stay happy. These are the best fitting flats I found! I've tried another "barefoot" brand that had leather-like flats and I'm still trying to break them in with not much luck. But these I wore for the first time at my (formal) thesis defense and loved them! No break-in period. I like the slightly high back, they stay on great. Took them on a week long trip where we walked a lot with no issues. The only thing is the leather can generally be a bit hot in summer (just naturally) so I'll prob buy another "lite" pair for long summer walks. They look great - can be worn in formal settings.

Sizing - I bought a size women's 9 at first based on reviews but they were wayyy too big. Size 8 womens (size 7 universal) was a good fit for me. I agree with the ballerina sizing video posted - that's been my experience from the 2 sizes. The heel is a little wide for me, but nothing I notice. Already designing another pair in my head! (Posted on 6/22/15)
Wanted to love these! Review by Foxypants
I really wanted to love these, and I love Soft Star Shoes so much it pains me to leave this review. The materials are beautiful, and the shoes are very well made. However, the cut just did not work for me. I love the Soft Star Dash shoes, and these just don't have the same great feel. They come up too high on the heel and rub (I tried them on in my house for a few minutes and got a blister), and the sizing was difficult. I got a 10U which was too small, and an 11U which was too big. I'm happy these work for some people, wish they worked for me! (Posted on 5/29/15)
Second pair Review by Nancyy
I had been wearing my fivefinger exclusively and wanted something to wear with dresses. I bought the shiny platinum pair of flats. I loved them so much I wore them all the time. However shiny shoes don't work with all outfits so I got the black pair. I wear them all the time. If you are not used to this type of shoe it does take a little bit for your foot to adjust to it but well worth the time and energy to get your foot working the way it was intended. Next I need a pair of the ruby red flats in case there is a yellow brick road I need to walk down ;) (Posted on 5/5/15)
Love them Review by grace
I wasn't sure if these shoes were going to work for me, so I wore them around the house for the first week. By then they were a perfect fit, and I sometimes forget I am wearing shoes. Awesome workmanship and worth every penny! (Posted on 4/28/15)
Best flats ever Review by amsmith0801
I wanted to share my review because I read through the reviews of the flats prior to purchasing, and almost didn't purchase them because of some reviews. I want to share my experience and why I love them!!

I need to be as free in my gait as possible. I have a job that requires me to not only be on my feet for 8 hours, but be constantly moving, and I must look sharp! Every flat I've ever owned has squished the life out of my toes and has never allowed my foot its proper movement - they have always been restrictive. Having a pair of Soft Stars Phoenix boots - I knew how flexible and minimalist their footwear could be and was excited to purchase flats that were just as flexible!

The concerns I read in the reviews worried me. I didn't want them to rub up my ankles like the reviews said happened for some people - I almost didn't buy them, thinking the perfect flat was an idea too good to be true. But I bought them anyway - I was desperate!! And it was worth it!

My first day wearing them was an 8 hour, highly mobile shift. By the end of it, there was some rubbing on the inside of each ankle, my right foot got it the worst - a large dime sized blister. I was worried! I didn't want this to continue! I wore a large bandage over the blister and was able to wear a different (less comfortable) shoe the next day as to not pop the blister. The third day, I wore a smaller bandage as the blister had begun to heal, and wore my flats again. This time everything was fine. I have now continued to wear my flats as often as I want without any painful rubbing or blisters - they have stretched out just enough to have little chance of causing blisters!

If you're on the fence about these - buy them - they're the most room for your toes and the most flexible for your gait. - they just require a slight breaking-in period to hug your foot just enough - not too much. (Posted on 3/7/15)
Very comfortable, but some issues Review by HPP
The shoes are extremely comfortable, but as others have said the heel is cut so high, that it digs into your Achilles' tendon. According to the sizing recommendations my size would be an 8U. When I put the sole of the 8U shoe up against the bottom of my foot it looks like a perfect fit, but the shoe is too tight because the heel is cut so high. I imagine this was done to prevent heel slippage. I exchanged the shoes for 9U and they feel much better, but now there is extra room in the back of the heel. The shoe stays on fine, but I only wear them with pants, so no one can see the extra, aprrox. 3/4 cm of the shoe jutting out from the back of the heel. It doesn't sound like much, but it bothers me because they don't look as sharp as they could be. I would love if these shoes were reworked with the heel cut lower.

Note from Soft Star: Hi HPP - thanks for the great detail in your review. You are absolutely correct in that the heel is the height it is to keep the shoe from slipping off. We tried many versions of patterns with the heel lower, but it would slip off the foot while walking as ballet flats really don't have much to secure to the foot with. For the healthiest fit in ballet flats, this often means buying them roomier than fashion would prefer. (Posted on 12/6/14)
I really wanted these to work, but... Review by Tracey
These shoes are beautiful and so well made. I tried my size and then sent them back to try the next size up with no luck. The heel cup is cut super high and digs into my Achilles' tendon. I almost kept them just to wear on occasion, but i just can't pay that much for an occasional shoe. (Posted on 11/8/14)
Very good, but would be better with slight modification Review by Liza
These shoes are incredibly soft and flexible. I love the fit from the toe to my ankle. The heels are kind of weird.

I have the same problems with slipping & too much pressure on the Achilles tendon, like two other reviewers. It seems to me that there's just too much material at the heel. I can see the bunching/slipping issue in a few of the photos with models, too. (Note: My foot isn't slipping out of the shoe. Rather, it's slipping sideways off the Vibram sole.)

A fix that would work for me is this:

1. Move that rounded piece of leather, which serves as structural support at the heel, DOWN half an inch to meet the sole.

2. LOWER the top of the shoe, just at the back, by the same degree that you move the heel piece. (Result would be that the basic shape of the heel piece remains the same.)

I'm going to try adding insoles with arch support to see whether that alleviates my problems. This would improve my long-distance walking experience. For light casual wear, however, the shoes are fine as they are. (Posted on 11/2/14)
Lovely! Review by Laura
These look better than Tieks flats on my feet and feel as comfortable as slippers. (Posted on 9/26/14)
Good, but ouch Review by Desertcastaway
These are excellent in so many ways, but I still can't wear mine for more than an hour or two at a time because the stiff heel piece rubs blisters on my Achilles tendon. Clearly an individual issue, as so many here are wearing theirs so much! (Posted on 8/11/14)
Perfect Everyday Flats Review by beddoed
These are the best flats I've ever owned.

I'm on my second pair. I wore the first pair literally every day for up to 12 hours a day, probably averaged 3-5 miles/day in them, wore them in the rain, wore them as my running shoes and didn't follow the proper care instructions. So, the fact that the first pair only lasted 2 months, isn't a reflection of the quality.

I still wear these shoes daily. They're amazing because they look nice enough to wear with dress pants at work, and the fit is so perfect that I can wear them to jog home after work.

It's hard for me to find closed-toe shoes that fit well and are comfortable because I have bunionettes. Wide shoes are too wide everywhere except the toe box and regular shoes are too painful because they rub against the bunionettes. I purchased these in regular with and the soft, stretchy leather is so comfortable. I couldn't be happier with these shoes.

Also, shipping to Canada was only $5 with no additional duties or fees and my shoes arrived 1 week after they were shipped.

Note from Soft Star: Thanks Beddoed for this great review. We are very surprised you can run in these - we would recommend you also might want to try our Moc3 for running as a safer alternative ;-) or get the sports closure on the Ballerine so they stay on securely after they stretch out down the road. (Posted on 8/6/14)
the best Review by anugent
simply the best quality, design and comfort. i received my ballerines in march and have worn them every single day. i wear them to work in a professional setting and then i wear them on 5 mile walks in the woods. i will order these again and again over the course of the rest of my life. thank you soft star shoes for listening to mine and i'm sure many other's requests to produce a minimalist shoe that works with a business suit. (Posted on 6/15/14)
Ultimate - Foot Health, Comfort and Style Review by ShareOn
I bought a pair in size 12 hoping to make room for correct toes and just to ensure they were roomy. Too much, the 11 is perfect. Actually the 11 seemed almost too small considering I was trying to move to a roomy toe box. But I considered the advice of the Elves and they have adapted perfectly to my feet, giving me a professional enough look for the law office and the comfort I now demand. My correct toes AND the sheepskin innersoles fit and everything is soft and roomy without being sloppy. I've ordered two more pair - the Lite ones for summer and another pair of black JUST in case .....

Love them. (Posted on 6/7/14)
My New Warm Weather Dailies Review by Addie
These shoes feel like simple, understated, elegant extensions of my own feet. I can't imagine a more versatile style--I can wear them around the house like slippers, or out for dinner. I'd like to have 5 pairs in every color. Beautifully crafted. (Posted on 5/31/14)
Adorable! Review by Meme314
These shoes are adorable and just what I was looking for. I only wish that I had read another reviews post that said these shoes run small! Dang it! I ordered both the Ballerine and the Adult Metro in size 9, to see which style I preferred. The Ballerine is at least 1/2 inch shorter than the Metro in the same size. Also, it could have just been me, but the Ballerine seemed a 1/4 of an inch or so smaller in width in the toe box. Because I am trying to get away from shoes pinching my toes, I decided to stick with the wider Metros. But, I hope to order these again someday in a size 10 and see if that would change my opinion. (Posted on 2/27/14)
Love my new ballerine flats Review by Narrow Feet
Fit well. Look good. Feel wonderful. Look forward to other colors and narrow width. (Posted on 2/24/14)
I WANT to love these Review by Emily
I really want to love these shoes, but to be honest they don't really work for me. They slip a lot and my gait and foot strike end up being less natural because I'm trying to keep the shoe on my foot. I probably should have sent mine back but I really wanted to make it work. I tried adding some heel pads, which helped a little but not enough. This may be in part a sizing issue - I wear a narrow in the Dashes, so it's possible I just need to wait until more sizes are available. (Posted on 2/7/14)
Fantastic, a little small Review by Elfine
These shoes are lovely, seem to stay on my feet really well, are light and all I had hoped for. I can't wait for more colors. Just one word of warning: they run smaller than the Merry Janes and other models, at least in my galumphing size. I have the newly slimmed down Metros in size 9, and the soles appear to be a near-perfect match for the size 10 ballerines. (Posted on 1/22/14)
Can't wait for more colors Review by Michelle
I am thrilled with these. As much as possible I try to wear minimalist shoes for work (professional office). I wear these with skirts, slacks, and even suits sometimes. They stay on my foot nicely and give me lots of toe box room. I wear CorrectToes inside them with no problem. (Posted on 1/17/14)
Very comfortable! Review by mamaNNetherlands
Oh I like these flats! So comfortable! Shipping the Netherlands in 1,5 weeks. Thumbsup! (Posted on 11/16/13)
Soo Comfortable, and even cuter! Review by SailingJenn
I have a really hard time finding shoes that are comfortable, fit well and are cute as I wear a women's 11 and have a narrow heel with a wide ball. Most ballet flats don't fit me well or give me clown feet but I was so excited when Soft Star anounced the ballet flat as I knew they would be really comfortable. They arrived yesterday and are already my new favorite shoe. They look very nice with professional attire and I plan on wearing them with my suits for work. The best detail about the shoe is the lack of elastic around the Achilles tendon, which makes them supremely more comfortable than any other ballet flat I have ever tried. I hope that Soft Star considers using this detail is some of their other shoes, like the ramblers.

I am really glad that I live in CA so this can be a year round shoe for me, and can't wait until they are offered in DYO and other colors! (Posted on 11/15/13)
Finally, the perfect ballet flats Review by dorayme
I searched and searched for ballet flats that had the right fit and feel. Nothing was working out. Others either pinched my heel, or squished the top and sides of my feet. Or even worse, my feet rolled over the edges and made the shoes look as though they were too small. I have relatively normal sized feet. 7.5 Medium is my size.

I had basically given up when I saw that these were a new offering. I'm on the east coast. I ordered and in 2 days they arrived. I slipped them on and my feet were so happy! The feel around the top of my foot is secure but not binding or restrictive. The design of the heel is substantial and comforting. There is no flopping or rolling of these ballet flats. SSS got it right!
Thank you so much for designing these, please offer them as a design your own in the future with other color options!
Oh, and I wore these all day (Sunday), to church, to a meeting, and walk around a summer camp campus. I walked on concrete, asphat, carpet, wood, gravel, linoleum, tile and other surfaces with no issues or problems. I love the soling material you have chosen for these both inside and out!

Note from Soft Star: - Thanks Dorayme! We will be offering Design Your Own color options in Spring 2014 (Posted on 11/4/13)
EXCELLENT Review by lynn6080
Most comfortable shoes I've ever owned!! Can't wait for more colors. (Posted on 11/2/13)

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Find Your Size!

You can measure your feet at home using a book, a ruler and a wall. You can then see where the measurement fits on our charts below to find the recommended Softstar shoe size.

Note: we no longer recommend tracing your feet because it usually gives a larger measurement than the method described below. Our sizing charts work in accordance with the following method.

To measure your feet:

  1. 1. Remove shoes and socks and place your bare foot so that the heel is barely touching a wall.
  2. 2. Place a book in on the floor, parallel to the wall, so that it is barely touching the front of the longest toe.
  3. 3. Step away carefully and measure the distance from the book to the wall.
  4. 4. Scroll down and look for this measurement on the sizing charts below to find the recommended shoe size.


Once you find your length measurement, you can use table below to best find your corresponding size.


Wide/Narrow: Trouble deciding your width? Our best recommendation is to order a wide or narrow only if you have found you need those custom widths in other brands for your feet to be comfortable. If you have never found you needed wide or narrow shoes before then we suggest sticking with our regular width.

Style notes:

If you find yourself between two shoe sizes, we recommend ordering the larger size. This is especially true of our adult Phoenix Boots and Rogue casual shoes, which run a bit small.

Printable Stand-On Size Guides

We recommend using the measuring method shown above for the most accurate sizing, but if you'd like a simpler method then you may want to try our printable size guide. Just print the guide below and follow the instructions on the page.

Note: before you print the guide, make sure your printer settings will not shrink or scale the page. Uncheck any boxes labeled "Fit to Printable Area" and/or set scaling options to "None."


Care Tips for Full Grain (smooth) Leather Shoes


Softstar Shoes are made from eco-friendly leathers tanned in the USA. Leather is a natural product and some variation in texture and hide markings is to be expected. Because we use leather colored with non-toxic food grade dyes, there will likely be some initial color transfer to your socks or skin if your shoes become damp. This will decrease with use, but we don't recommend wearing your new Softstars with your favorite white socks the first time you take them for a spin. 


If your shoes are a little snug at first in the toe box area, you can gently stretch them by stuffing the toe box with a dry cloth. Push the cloth tightly into the front of the shoe and let sit stuffed overnight to stretch. Do not use a damp cloth as the water can stain the leather or innersole of some leather types, rendering it non-returnable.



Most full grain leather we use is naturally water resistant, but our special vegetable-tanned leather (available only by custom selection on some of our design-your-own shoes) is a "naked" leather and will stain from water alone. You can clean shoes as needed with water dampened cloth and let air dry, but please note if you do this on vegetable-tanned leather then you will need to wet/stain the entire shoe to avoid water marks. Condition the leather as often as desired with any quality leather dressing, but be careful to keep it away from the edges of your rubber soles. Do not use mink oil on your shoes, as it can degrade the adhesion on bonded soles and cause the sole to separate from your shoe over time. We highly recommend Bee Natural Amore for general conditioning or Rain & Snow or Nikwax Full Grain Waterproofing on smooth leather for enhanced water resistance. The color on shiny metallic shoes will eventually patina with use into an antique wear look, which can be accelerated with repeated use to water and high wear (e.g. scuffing toes).



We do not recommend frequent washing of any leather product as it strips the leather of it's natural oils and tends to dry stiffer. For all of our leathers (except vegetable-tanned) you can clean by hand with a damp cloth, or if needed you can hand wash your leather shoes using a gentle shampoo and cool water. Let them air dry. Do not attempt to dry your shoes by exposing them to high heat, such as a clothes dryer, a hair dryer or by leaving them on a radiator or next to a fire. Doing so may damage leather or rubber soles.


We are often asked if our shoes can be washed in a washing machine. While not recommended as a normal course of action, when in dire straits the Elves have been known to toss a pair of shoes in the machine and generally have had good results. Just don't mix them with any other item because of color bleeding. Shoes with sheepskin can take 3-4 days to air dry if fully submerged in water, but you can speed up the drying by stuffing with old newspapers and replacing the paper twice a day.

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